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Akshay 'KappA' Sinkar

RGN on 2011-05-24

RGN: Hello Akshay 'Kappa’ Sinkar. Lets start with a small introduction 

KappA: Hi... I’m akshay also known as KappA... I love to play counter strike... I have been playing CS since 2005 and I'm still learning & enjoying it


RGN: Can u give us a brief introduction about your former team " NSD " as well?

KappA: Team NSD consist of thane's best players Bhavesh aka Mag1x awesome igl & Raju aka Kaka insane sniper. Imtiaz aka Impossible mad fragger & Akash aka v3nom raw assaulter... 1more thing, it’s hard to judge NSD. 

RGN: ATe was the team to beat. For the last 4 years, they won all events that came their way. NSD broke their record and win the Dsk GameKshetra 2011. How did you feel after such an achievement?

KappA: It feels absolutely fantastic. We have won against them at LAN events before, but that is without comparison with our recent victory. Actually, we didn't beat ‘Ate’ @ dsk, ‘3gp’ defeated ‘Ate’ and we beat ‘3gp’, so it’s like a default win for us.


RGN: It is very rare that players of the winning team decide to leave the team and join others. Your move to Ate Gaming was shocking news to the Counter strike India community. What led to this decision?

KappA: Yes it is, ‘Ate’ won every big title in India since the last 4 or 5 years. We just won 1 event that's it.

RGN: With ICGC Season 3 coming near, what do you expect from the "new" team? What are your goals in the future?

KappA: We have to practice together and after sometime, we will be ready for battle and we will win.


RGN What do you feel about Esports in India? Is it growing? If it is , then at what pace is it growing as compared to other countries?

KappA: Comparing to other countries, it's growing too slowly but surely progressing Esports in India, it will take a lot of effort.


RGN: Counter-Strike in India has always been the favourite game in the country, though the Indian representatives have failed to perform at the international level. What do you think will change this and help India achieve significant results?

KappA: I haven't thought of it yet.


RGN: Presently, there is only one team that is being sponsored in India, "Roccat.RoG", which belongs to Dota. What is you opinion over the availability of Sponsors in India?

KappA: It is Good for RoG. My opinion over availability of Sponsors in India is that no company is ready to sponsor... I think we have to play in full power to get those companies interested in gaming... we need believers.


RGN: A lot of other games are making their mark in the international Esports scene. Which game would you support other than Counter-strike?

KappA: Of course Dota... The popularity of Defense of the Ancients has increased over time. Defense of the Ancients was included in the game lineup internationally... it is played as much as the game Counter strike.


RGN: Counter-strike Source is increasing day by day in other countries and is included as an official game for ESWC. What are your thoughts over it?

KappA: It's ok... but anytime Counter Strike 1.6 > Counter Strike Source.


RGN: Alright, last question, who is your favourite player, Team and what Gaming Gear do you use?

KappA: At present Natus Vincere (na`vi), other players can't compare.

Gaming Gear: - mouse - MS i.e. 3.0.

Mousepad - Mtw Roccat Taito.

Headset - Ss 5hv2.


RGN: Akshay, big thanks to you for doing this interview. We wish you the best of luck with your new teammates at the upcoming events, any shout outs?

KappA: Ty bro... keep playing, gaming is believing :-D


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