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Change of dream : Huyak

RGN on 2011-05-24


A dream to become shuttle cock athlete takes a turn when huyak started playing Counter-Strike at a young age.

RGN: What was your first game?


I started gaming since I was at the age of 9 or 10, and the first game I played was Counter-Strike 1.1. Surrounding where I lived were many cyber games those days and at that time, CS 1.1 was prevailing. Although CS has been known for a long time, we were only playing for fun because the level of gamers in Vietnam was quite low. Approximately around six years ago, when CS 1.6 was introduced in Vietnam, I played the game seriously.

RGN: Which tournaments that left you with the most unforgettable feeling?


It was the WCG 2009 tournament in Vietnam, we passed the 1st which was the best team in the semifinal in Vietnam. Finally, we won the first championship in the final game against ProA. The ProA team was also a strong team while we were standing behind their shadow for many years.

RGN: Which team have you played for?



I have played for many teams, but I will only mention three teams here which have the greatest impact. Team Inferno is the first team that I played for, an average team in the form of CS community of Vietnam, where I was only just a newbie. After leaving Inferno, I played for a few other teams but I did not stay long. About 3 years ago I joined team 2 of ProA, it was in a good condition for me to participate in a competitive environment which had a higher range. When the team broke up, I continued to move to some other team and my stopover now is at Legends, where I have progressed very quickly.

RGN: How do you practice?


Right now I usually play deathmatch or pub games to improve my own skill. We are training intensively not only to prepare for the upcoming tournaments, but also to practice teamwork. Friendly competition with other teams is also a very important thing.

RGN: What do you usually do when you have the free time?


When I do not have to practice CS, I often hang out with friends, read books and listen to music. In addition, I frequently travel to China to help my friends do some work in trading.

RGN: Who is your favorite teammate?


There are two people I always wanted to play together, it was So and Colombo. They are players who played very steadily and we are good friends in real life, too. Unfortunately, So has moved to live in America so we do not have a chance play to together.

RGN: Can you describe your role in the team? 


I am the main player of the AWP. When I was in Ts side, I used to play the attacking position.

RGN: What was your dream when you were young?


I love sports, especially shuttlecock kicking. When I was young, I played pretty well in this subject and was seriously intending to become a Shuttle Cock athlete.

RGN: What do you hope for the development of CS in Vietnam in the upcoming years?


I want CS to attract more attention and have more perspective in society. This is paramount for the CS development as well. If donors pay attention to the CS, they will host a tournament, and this will encourage the CS teams to practice more.

RGN: Do you have any advice for the newbie?


You should keep going forward, try to fix your mistakes and learn from those who are better than you.


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