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The Leader behind Team Full Louis

RGN on 2011-05-19



Achievements: A1 Championship; avatar gaming Championship; Cyzone  Champion award Cyzone champion award, winner in ASUS ROG Championship in March.



RGN Exclusive interview.

RGN: Firstly, could you talk a little bit about yourself?


Hello everyone! My name is Nguyen Duc Anh, nick named pabeo_vn, and I’m the leader in team Full Louis.

RGN: When did you start to play DotA?


I started playing DotA 5 years ago. At that time, team Baby was the top team in Hanoi.

RGN: What led you to seek this game?


Initially, I played D-Day, but when I saw my brothers consistently playing DotA and because it looks interesting, I was immediately intrigued and then I just played DotA and DotA only.

RGN: According to you, what was interesting right from your first play?


 To me, DotA is probably a very tactical game and it causes you to be comrades with your teammates. To win for the players is not only to concentrate on individual skills but also to coordinate ideas with teammates.

RGN: Five years was not a short period, at that time, did you face up with the big changes in your career gamer or not?


In the first two years, I only played DotA just for fun. Then a friend with the nick name Ging led me to the tournament, this was probably the biggest turning point that led me to enter professional DotA.

RGN: What was your first tournament that you first participated in?


It was Netviet Sunday. It was a league movement and it took place on weekends so I signed up for that challenge.


RGN: Which team did you belonged to?


Actually I do not remember the specific name of that team ^^. In that team, we had Chim.Louis and Ging (nick name of two old friends.). After that, they moved to D4, I took some time off to relax. A year later, Ging asked me and I accepted. I play for the D4 and continued my career.

RGN: It seems you have been through a lot of turmoil, so when did your team establish? Can you explain the meaning of this name?


Full Louis was founded two years ago and there was no meaning to this name… (laugh).

RGN: So why did D4 break up? Were there any difficulties to your team?


The reason that D4 broke up was unknown. At that time Fat Louis was established and D4 still acted normally. After the breakup, their older member Eddie moved to FL, now he is still an official member of the team.

RGN: You are competing for D4, why did you set up a separate team? Are there any particular reasons?


Actually, this idea is not from me. Chim.Louis asked me to establish a new team with  three key members, they are Tungcon_vn(also an old friend), me and him. Full Louis officially launched, and participated in many events such as DotAonLan and onLine.

RGN: Undergoing time in playing, did Full Louis countered any massive changes?



Maybe last year had the most changes out of the years of FL, we had so much turmoil in the team. The first was the leaving of the carrier Yun.Louis - members who have played closely with FL right from the beginning of the establishment. Unfortunately, he announced his retirement from professional DotA gamer. Then we welcomed a new member Eddie as I have mentioned above. Then next is the couple and the support, Chim.Louis and Nice.Louis. At that point in time, 9x – a team of Hanoi also broke up. I immediately invited those two members, Blackmoon and Freeboter05, to play in this position as we lack supporter.
I believed that Fat Louis would be perfect. But Tungcon_vnsay said goodbye to us. This left a very large gap in the position in ganker /carrier. The last member to join the team was Quangdepzai, a former member of the A1 and he also accepted my invitation.

RGN: Currently, this is the official team?

  • Eddie: position in ganker or semi carry  
  • Freeboter: the best supporter in team
  • Blackmoon: support and also can play carry if necessary
  • Quangdepzai: ganker cum supporter
  • I - Pabeo_vn: can play in many positions such as ganker, carry or even semi carry if necessary.

RGN: Subjected to many inevitable turmoil means that this could be the biggest challenge to your teamwork. Surely you have to put much time to practice, haven’t you?


Well, of course it was. We've also had to take weeks to find a common voice. In the recent ASUS tournament, my team has dedicated an entire week to do this and we turned out to be champions, it was well deserved.

RGN: Also playing as a professional gamer for a long time, which tournament do you think has the most impression?


Probably the A1 league. This was Eddie first "release" and he also was the main factor in helping us become champions.

RGN: Which tournament that you won that left you with the most memory?


Hmmm .... When my team won StarsBoba - a very strong team, the league GOT that Garena Vietnam held. At that time, SB has a high style and was also considered as the most powerful team in Vietnam at the time. After winning, I feel like we have reached a new level!

RGN: Undergoing much success but surely you can not avoid the failures, so which defeat hurts you the most? Why?


There was a game with SB and also within the tournament GOT. After winning the SB, we went to the final and lost to Skynet in this match. We met SB again in the finals losing branch. This really is a disappointing defeat when SB was left with only 3 gamers (2 members were disconnected). After this match the entire team was very sad and depressed.

RGN: Now, the most powerful teams are concentrated in the south, but gradually more and more teams are emerging in Hanoi. TeamFL is an example.

RGN: What steps do you think in the near future, DotAHanoi will take to continue to grow? And may even be the top in Vietnam?


Sure, besides my team there is also the WAG team playing very well. They are also very close to us. To be the target of the head of Vietnam is the goal of any team, whether in HN or somewhere. To achieve this, we need personal effort, and it is also hard to succeed if we don’t try hard.

RGN: With DotA competing in tournaments and taking time for training also consume a lot of time. So how do you balance that?


Actually I am very free, now I that do not have too much work to do. I use most of my time with DotA.

RGN: Currently you are the leader of FL. Which factors do you think is the most important for the captain?


Being a leader of FL I think you must have accurate decision and be fast thinking, in the ban / pick and also in directing strategies.

RGN: There are many gamers that said that you are a captain not only with the leadership but also with personal skills. Can you share a little experience with us?


Only some individuals have innate ability, most of them from the exercise. Previously, I play solo with Tungcon_vn well; maybe I also have some new prospects like this. Haha.

RGN: Many gamers have their own favorite idols, so do you. Who is your favorite gamer?


Definitely, I have one. My favorite gamer is ZSMJ. He is a carrier and he have a good ability in farm.

RGN: It means that you like the position, carrier?


That’s right. Although I usually play ganker but I am interested in carrier.

RGN: What is your current target and for FL as well?


Currently, we are continuing to train to prepare for the finals in ASUS solutions which will take place in July in Saigon. What about further objectives? I do not know ^ ^

RGN: Thank you very much for your time in this interview. Wish you gain more success in the near future.


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