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RGN League Playweek 4: Day 1 Recap

Hamodi on 2013-06-23

PLAY WEEK 4: Day 1 Recap



Day 1 of play week 4 ended with THAILANDMiTH.Trust vs CHINARattlesnake being the only match played. PHILIPPINESMineski received a forfeit loss for being late due to their participation in the GosuCup Asia while CHINARisingstars was already in the lobby waiting for them, while for the third match, it was postponed due to MALAYSIANeoES.Orange unavailability with their match in the Dota 2 Super League scheduled in the same date as their match against SINGAPOREZenith.




When THAILANDMiTH.Trust decided to contest CHINARattlesnake's tri-lane, it immediately lead to an action packed game, with an almost 2 kills per minute during the early game. THAILANDLakelz was able to get the start that he was looking for with the kills ending up on his hands and getting farms along with it. But as the game progressed, Storm Spirit's mobility came into play along with a few ganks from his team mates as well, including Alchemist who was not focusing on farm but instead pickoffs. THAILANDMiTH.Trust was able keep the game within reach, mainly because of the good start that Weaver had but unfortunately for them, CHINARattlesnake's dual hard carry and a farmed Storm Spirit secured them the win.

After the game, THAILANDMiTH.Trust suffered their third loss while CHINARattlesnake captured their third win



Risingstars received easy win

PHILIPPINESMineski recieved a disqualification call from the admins after being late while CHINARisingstars was all ready in the lobby, they are currently participating in the GosuCup Asia and planned to quickly finish their game before their match against CHINARisingstars starts but unfortunately, they could not finish it as quickly as they planned that resulted to a disqualification and CHINARisingstars recieved an easy win for their record.

PHILIPPINESMineski is still winless in the league while for CHINARisingstars, they just grabbed their third win.



NeoES.Orange vs Zenith postponed

Unfortunately MALAYSIANeoES.Orange could not make it today as they are currently participating in the Dota 2 Super League, and it also gave SINGAPOREZenith the opening to freely participate in the GosuCup Asia with out worrying about disqualifications in the RGN League.




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