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A Look back at the FIFA Cup with David “EasyGame” Shawn Michael

EasyGame on 2013-06-06

A Look back at the FIFA Cup with David “EasyGame” Shawn Michael



It was a long time coming as the last FIFA tournament in Singapore was WCG ’12 during the last quarter of last year. After an almost 6 month wait for a FIFA tournament we finally had what was to be a very thrilling yet predictable FIFA Cup.


Brought to us by the renowned Singaporean eSports team, Flash e-Sports, the FIFA Cup took place on the 26th of May and the turnout for the tournament turned out to be much better than expected. A total of 52 players registered for the tournament but having capped the tournament at 32 players, only the fastest fingers to register were allowed to take part in the tournament. The top 8 players in this edition of the FIFA Cup also earned themselves seeding points which will allowed them to be seeded in future FIFA tournaments.  And with a $500 total prize pool and Gunnar Optiks Eyewear to be won, there was certainly more than enough reason to go for gold.


The FIFA Cups, which were previously played on the Playstation 3, was played for the first time on PC but after a slow start to the tournament – owing to the unfamiliarity of the FIFA 13 on PC, things started to go well and the tournament ran smoothly. Live streaming was also provided by the familiar names of the Singapore FIFA scene, David “EasyGame” Shawn Michael, Muhammad “EvilSWAT” Siddiq and Philbert “DeathAdder” Santhanaraj.



Clearly going into the tournament as favorites were winner of 3 FIFA Cups and defending champion, Erwyn “Flash.ElRey” Shah and Chiang “Flash.hibidi” Wen Jun. They managed to ease past the opponents and showed truly that they still remain among the top players in the scene. Also making a comeback into the FIFA scene was the legend of Singapore FIFA, Muhammad “SuperDeathStarr” Phirkhan who previously was also under the Flash e-Sports organization as “Flash.Xtr3me3”. However his exciting return to the scene was ended prematurely at the hands of “Flash.ElRey” in the quarter finals.


Joining the 2 Flash players in the semi-finals was “eSupremacy”, a consistent top 5 player in the FIFA scene and as well as “musibots”, who was placed 4th at WCG 2012. In the first semi-finals match between "Flash.hibidi" and "eSupremacy", the tie was won by the former with a score of 2-0 while "musibots" disposed of "Flash.ElRey" with a similar scoreline in the other semi-finals match.


This set up a finals showdown between "Flash.hibidi" and "musibots" which didn't go down as expected. Wen Jun was heavily favoured going into this tie but it looked nothing like an easy match for him although he did eventually he come out tops with a 2-1 match series win. An interesting thing to note was that all 3 matches ended with only a 1 goal difference between the 2 players and they were certainly exciting to watch as the matches went back and forth.



In the 3rd/4th placing match, "Flash.ElRey" overcame "eSupremacy" with a score of 2-0 and sealed his 3rd placing finish.


The next FIFA Cup will take place on the 28th of July and it will bring about a fresh set of expectations to see new talents rise up to take the podium places and considering that we’ll be seeing more players take part next time round.



Will "Flash.hibidi" be able to defend his crown and clinch the title of Champion at the next FIFA Cup or will we see the rise of an underdog? Let us know in the comments section below! Stay tuned to RGN as we bring you more updates in the lead up to the much anticipated FIFA Cup July edition. 

Source: Flash Esports


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