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Icefrog releases DotA v6.78 along with 2 new heroes.

ZOMGSHOX on 2013-05-31

Icefrog, you don't intend to give us a break, do you? After so many implentations and changes to the game, v6.78 was released with 2 new heroes added to the roster - Kaolin, The Earth Spirit and Nerif, the Oracle.


Kaolin, The Earth Spirit


Nerif, The Oracle


And of course, with changes being made in most heroes of the game, it would not be a surprise for people to voice out their opinions how the game will change both casually and competitively. You can scroll through the changelog here:

Would the changes make any difference to the game? I'm pretty sure it does. No matter how small the change might be, players are bound to find ways to benefit them. Competitive teams would probably have been in the lab by now that could bring new meta to the game. The most important question is, when will the changes come to Dota 2? The International is only a few months away and teams would need some time to practice the new version. Let us see how this will roll.

Stay tuned to RGN for the latest news and updates!


(Written by: ZOMGSHOX)

(Credits: ccwisp)


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    nice done ice frog

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