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The International 2013 - The Final Line-up

ZOMGSHOX on 2013-05-31

Finally, after so much blood was shed (In-game), it's done. The teams that will be going to Seattle have now been decided and confirmed. 


Invited Teams

  • CHINA Invictus Gaming 
  • MALAYSIA Orange.Neolution
  • SWEEDEN Alliance
  • Fnatic 
  • USA Team Liquid
  • UKRAINE Natus Vincere
  • SINGAPORE Team Zenith
  • USA Team Dignitas
  • RUSSIA Virtus.Pro
  • CHINA LGD Gaming.Int
  • MALAYSIA Invasion MUFC
  • CHINA TongFu

Qualified Teams

  • GEORGIA Mousesports

Reserve Teams

  • DD.Dota
  • CHINA Rattlesnakes


GEORGIA Mousesports and CHINA had to go through 8 of the best teams from each side of the world to get their spots whereas DD.Dota and CHINA Rattlesnakes will have to face each other in Seattle to see who wins The Wild Card.


A picture from The International 2012. What can we expect for this year's event?


Guys, let's not forget that it won't be as awesome as it would without the casters. Here are the confirmed casters so far:

Analyst Desk: AUSTRALIA Godz, GERMANY (F.R. OF) Maelk

English: USA Ayesee, USA Draskyl, USA LD, USA Luminous, AUSTRALIA TobiWanKenobi

Chinese: CHINA LaoDang, CHINA Haitao, CHINA Melody

Russian: UKRAINE CaspeRRR, RUSSIA Inmate, RUSSIA LighTofHeaveN, RUSSIA Maelstorm, UKRAINE V1lat


The analyst panel for The International 2012.


We're pretty sure that the lists will still go on as we might expect to see familiar faces from past events. I, for one, would love to have Bruno 'Statsman' and James '2GD' Harding back on the panel and I'm pretty sure most of you feel the same way as I do.

Stay tuned to RGN for tha latest news and updates!


(Written by: ZOMGSHOX)


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