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Playweek 1 Match Preview: NeoES.Int vs Mineski

Hamodi on 2013-05-13

MATCH PREVIEW: Neolution.International vs. Mineski




SINGAPORENeoEs.Int is one of the underrated teams in the scene and they have been actively taking part in tournaments where they finished in decent positions. They had a good run during the PGF SA but unfortunately, they were brought down by their counterparts, and had to settle for fourth place after losing at the hands of PHILIPPINESGangster.Blaque. PHILIPPINESMineski has been performing well during regional tournaments, mainly because of their roster change where they picked up Jhoven and Owa taking up the support role. But during their recent matches, they have been showing weaknesses which is not a good sign for them as they will be taking part in the The International 3 East Qualifiers along with SINGAPORENeoEs.Int and other invitees.


RGN League DOTA2 Elite Play Week 1

18th May 2013, 2300hrs (GMT +8, Singapore Time)

LIVE Broadcast:

SINGAPORENeolution.International                            vs.                           PHILIPPINESMineski

  •   PHILIPPINESninjaboogie                                                                   •   PHILIPPINESBimbo
  •   SINGAPOREHu Xiaoman                                                                   •   PHILIPPINESOwa
  •   SINGAPOREHachiko                                                                                          •   PHILIPPINESJhoven
  •   SINGAPORELei                                                                               •   PHILIPPINESGio
  •   PHILIPPINES????                                                                             •   PHILIPPINESYani
  •   PHILIPPINESFoxx                                                                              





Both teams love their hard-carries which indeed is one of the more important roles of the game as they are your source of right-click damage throughout the game. The difference between these two teams is that PHILIPPINESMineski's solo laners control most of the tempo of the game and give them a good start, while in SINGAPORENeoES.Int's situation, they mostly rely on their tri-lane to control the tempo of the game, or at least have a good start, leaving their solo laners to do their best and winning their lanes or at least not fall behind.


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RGN League Trailer


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