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Playweek 1 Match Preview: Rattlesnake vs. Risingstars

Hamodi on 2013-05-12

Playweek 1 Match Preview: Rattlesnake vs. Risingstars



CHINARattlesnake is still struggling to find their footing during competitions, but their recent performance during the G-1 League Asia Qualifier really helped boost their confidence a lot after reaching the round of 16 but sadly losing to Same goes to CHINARisingStars as they are still in search of their big win despite having an ok run during the G-1 League Asia Qualifier.


RGN League DOTA2 Elite Play Week 1

18th May 2013, 2130hrs (GMT +8, Singapore Time)

LIVE Broadcast:

          CHINA Rattlesnake                           VS                            CHINARisingStars

                 •  Luo                                                                     •  Mofi

                 •  Kabu                                                                   •  Air

                 •  Icy                                                                      •  Super

                 •  LaNm                                                                   •  XDD

                 •  Neo                                                                     •  Xiaotuji





Both teams mostly pick hard-carries who rely badly on items and accompanied by aggressive supports to give their hard-carries a good start and basically win their lane. But if they happen to have a bad start and the opposing team just continues to pile up the kills against them, their inability to make comebacks can really be the difference and the dagger to their lost. This will be quite an even match but I would say that CHINARattlesnake would have the better edge mainly because of their performance and how far they went during the G-1 League Asia Qualifier.


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RGN League Trailer

Source: RGN League


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