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G-1 League: Alliance defeats Fnatic to secure spot in LAN Finals

Hamodi on 2013-04-28

Alliance defeats Fnatic to secure spot in LAN Finals



SWEEDENAlliance was able to secure a spot in LAN Finals after defeating EUROPEFnatic.Eu in two games. In Game 1, they were able to end it by the 25 minute mark while in Game 2, EUROPEFnatic.Eu fought desperately to stay alive but could not hold on any longer as SWEEDENAlliance was able to finish the game at around the 40 minute mark.



The game started out quite even as both teams were getting kills but as the game progressed, SWEEDENAlliance was slowly edging ahead in terms of farm and tower taken down which forced EUROPEFnatic to group up early on while SWEEDENAlliance continued to split push with 2-3 heroes in different lanes.


At the 17 minute mark, Magnus, with an invisibility rune, set up a great Reverse Polarity and skewered into a Tide Hunter Ravage and Gyrocopter Call Down that got EUROPEFnatic two kills.


However, SWEEDENAlliance immediately regrouped and pushed the middle lane where they destroyed the tier-2 tower. EUROPEFnatic immediately smoked up to counter and was able to find SWEEDENAlliance near the Roshan pit where another great Reverse Polarity from Magnus led to four kills but at the cost of three of their own heroes.



At the 22 minute mark, Magnus got another invisibility rune but a well placed sentry ward led to both his and Tide Hunter's deaths. SWEEDENAlliance then secured the Aegis of the Immortal and pushed the middle lane where they easily took down the barracks after winning a huge team-fight on the back of a blink plus Ravage from Rubick which forced out the "GG" call from EUROPEFnatic 25 minutes into the game.



At the start of the game, SWEEDENAlliance immediately smoked up and found Bane Elemental in the Radiant jungle that gave them first blood. After that, they got another kill, this time on Storm Spirit in the middle lane after the creeps spawned. After that, SWEEDENAlliance's support heroes faked a rotation to the bottom lane but instead went back to the middle lane to get a second kill on Storm Spirit. The supports however then backed off when facing Keeper of the Light. At the 4 minute mark, SWEEDENAlliance's support heroes would later smoke up and found Bane Elemental in the jungle once again and easily killed him. After that, they went to the bottom lane where they were able to get a kill off Phantom Lancer with the help of a sentry ward.


The great play by SWEEDENAlliance in the early part of the game helped them control the tempo as they were just getting kills all over that map which created space for their carries and made it difficult for EUROPEFnatic to get comfortable in their lanes, even in their own jungle.


Despite the bad start, EUROPEFnatic was still hanging in and gave themselves a chance as they were scoring kills and getting decent farm.


At the 18 minute mark, SWEEDENAlliance was able to secure the Aegis of the Immortal but while that was happening, EUROPEFnatic destroyed the top tier-1 tower to at least even it up.


At the 23 minute mark, SWEEDENAlliance managed to take down all of EUROPEFnatic's outer towers after destroying the top tier-2 tower and continued to push into the tier-3 tower where it would be denied by EUROPEFnatic. SWEEDENAlliance, however,did not back-off and got punished for that as EUROPEFnatic got a kill off Lifestealer which forced SWEEDENAlliance to retreat.


At the 28 minute mark, SWEEDENAlliance secured their second Aegis of the Immortal and proceeded to push the top lane where they immediately forced a huge team-fight and quickly killed Clockwerk and Bane Elemental and destroyed the melee barracks as well. A couple of minutes later, SWEEDENAlliance returned to the top lane and destroyed the range barracks as well.


After that, they rotated to the middle lane and slowly chipped away at the life of the tier-3 tower. Storm Spirit would later on engage SWEEDENAlliance as soon as the Aegis of the Immortal expired and EUROPEFnatic was able to get four kills without losing a single hero in return. They then seized the opening to destroy the middle tier-1 and tier-2 towers.


At the 39 minute mark, SWEEDENAlliance tried to take their third Aegis of the Immortal but this time EUROPEFnatic attempted to deny them but unfortunately failed badly as both Storm Spirit and Clockwerk died in the Roshan pit while Bane and Phantom Lancer got caught trying to escape. SWEEDENAlliance immediately pushed the middle lane forcing EUROPEFnatic to buyback who managed to kill off three heroes in exchange for their range barracks.



SWEEDENAlliance would later smoke up and return to the middle lane and was able to get four hero kills and destroyed both the middle and bottom barracks that lea to EUROPEFnatic's "GG" call.


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