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SEA and Taiwan All-Star LOL team announced!

RGN on 2013-04-22

SEA and Taiwan All-Star LOL team announced!



The Southeast Asian (SEA) and Taiwanese (TW) representatives of the League of Legends All-Star teams have been voted and they will compete against the European and North American team in Shanghai, China from May 24th - 26th. The winner of the would win a spot in the Season 3 World Championship. 

SEA/TW All-Star Roster:

  • SINGAPOREHarLeLuYar (Singapore Sentinels)
  • TAIWANToyz (Azubu Taipei Assassins)
  • TAIWANStanley (Azubu Taipei Assassins)
  • TAIWANMiSTakE (Azubu Taipei Snipers) 
  • SINGAPOREChawy (Singapore Sentinels)


Southeast Asia All-Star representatives, SINGAPORESGS.Chawy and SINGAPORESGS.HarLeLuYar shared their thoughts on the events and teams with Garena.

Garena: Which Allstar team do you think has the strongest roster (Which region NA, EU, Korea, etc…)?

Chawy: I feel China has the strongest roster compared to the other All-Star teams. I have always regarded WE and IG as the 2 strongest teams in the competitive scene. Now that they are merged for this competition, it is going to be really tough.

HarLeLuYar: I feel Korea has the strongest roster.


Garena: Which SEA/TW/HK players would you pick for your dream team?

Chawy: Fortunately it is exactly the team we have now. Stanley has always been a monster in lane, Toyz a very consistent player, Harleluyar's aggressive jungling playstyle and of course Mistake's leadership.

HarLeLuYar: My dream team would consist of TPA Stanley(Top), TPA Toyz(Mid), TPS Ohreal(JG), SGS Chawy(AD) and MLE Astarte(Supp)


Garena: What do you think will be the biggest obstacle for the SEA/TW/HK Allstar team’s success?

Chawy: Luckily for us, communication would not be a problem. I feel the biggest obstacle for us would to get used to playing in such a huge tournament together especially Harleluyar and myself.

HarLeLuYar: Our lack of training together might be a problem but besides that I think we stand a good chance in this competition.

Garena: What do you have to say to the fans who voted for you?

Chawy: I want to thank all my voters and everyone who has always been there for me. I will continue to train hard and do my best in the All-Star competition.

HarLeLuYar: A big shoutout to all who have voted for me and I will continue to do my best to do them proud.

Source: Garena


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