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Raidcall EMS ONE FINALS: Natus Vincere stomps over Mousesports to advance into the Grand Finals

Hamodi on 2013-04-21

Natus Vincere stomps over Mousesports to advance into the Grand Finals



Both teams came into the match battling for the final spot in the grand finals and will face the awaiting RUSSIARoX.KIS. UKRAINENatus Vincere were able to deny the possible comeback of  GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mousesports who was hoping that Black^’s Phantom Lancer would carry them to victory but unfortunately he could not do it alone and GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mousesports ended up losing game 1. In Game 2, it was just ownage by UKRAINENatus Vincere getting multiple team wipes and finally ending things before the 30th minute mark to take game 2 and the series to advance into the grand finals.



UKRAINENa`Vi decided to abandon the top lane and let Lifestealer farm in their jungle, while GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz opted to go for a support Alchemist to hopefully give them two hard carries in case the game goes into late game.


In the 3rd minute, UKRAINENa`Vi’s supports smoked up and rotated in the middle lane where they were able to get a first blood on Magnus.


At around the 5th minute, GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz got two kills, 1 came in the middle lane where Magnus got a revenge kill on Batrider making use of his haste rune, while that was happening, Phantom Lancer got a kill on Shadow Shaman at top. After a minute, UKRAINENa`Vi got a kill on Clockwerk in the bottom lane then quickly took down the tier-1 and tier-2 tower.


In the 8th minute, a team fight occurred in the middle lane where UKRAINENa`Vi won it after killing two heroes from GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz without losing 1.


In the 11th minute, Clockwerk initiated on Shadow Shaman near the radiant ancients, making use of the perfectly planted ward, but UKRAINENa`Vi  would get a good trade out of it after killing Clockwerk and Alchemist. Batrider would later on catch Rubick in the middle lane, diving him in the tier-1 tower that forced multiple teleportations from GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz even from Phantom Lancer but unfortunately he got killed along with two other teammates of his.


In the 15th minute, UKRAINENa`Vi grouped up at the top lane then destroyed the tier-1 tower. Then they took down the middle lane in the 17th minute after a quick pickoff on Alchemist that forced GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz to back-off.


In the 19th minute, Clockwerk initiated on UKRAINENa`Vi in the middle lane catching Batrider with the Cogs and Magnus and got a three hero Reverse Polarity but unfortunately there was no follow up nukes that kept UKRAINENa`Vi alive and lead to a four hero kill for UKRAINENa`Vi without losing a single hero. They took down Roshan after that to secure the Aegis of the Immortal. UKRAINENa`Vi felt confident, they  pushed the middle lane and took down the tier-2 tower and got a kill on few more heroes of GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz that gave UKRAINENa`Vi the opening to destroy the tier-3 tower. After that, UKRAINENa`Vi did not want to force anything and instead decided to rotate to the top lane and destroyed the tier-2 tower. After that, GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz decided to engage but unfortunately lost four more heroes. Fortunately for GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz, the creeps in the middle lane were too far from their base that forced UKRAINENa`Vi to backoff.


In the 28th minute, UKRAINENa`Vi pushed the middle lane and slowly chipped away the life of the melee barracks. Batrider later on engaged on Rubick and quickly pick him off then UKRAINENa`Vi bagged two more kills that lead to the barracks down on the side of GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz.


In the 31st minute, UKRAINENa`Vi secured their second Aegis of the Immortal and decided to push the bottom lane and focus on the tier-3 tower. A huge team fight would occur during that where Magnus got a great Reverse Polarity on UKRAINENa`Vi but again the follow up nukes were not enough that kept UKRAINENa`Vi alive and lead to four deaths on the side of GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz and the bottom barracks. UKRAINENa`Vi then rotated in the top lane to destroy the tier-3 tower after killing a few more heroes of GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz who desperately tried to defend it.



In the 38th minute, UKRAINENa`Vi pushed the top lane but before taking down the barracks, they engaged on GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz and lead to a team wipe and "GG" call from GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz later on.



In this game, UKRAINENa`Vi went for a two hard carry on their lineup and opted to run Clinkz in the tri-lane instead of the juggernaut, while GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz went for a more clash oriented lineup.


There was not much action in the early minutes as both teams just wanted to get decent farms and experience in their respective lanes.


In the 5th minute, GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz were able to get a first blood on the solo Juggernaut after catching him over-extending and ended up killing him near the tier-1 tower.


In the 7th minute, four UKRAINENa`Vi heroes grouped up in the top lane and took down the tier-1 tower.


In the 9th minute, Storm Spirit courageously dive Undying and Rubick in the middle tier-1 tower where he was able to get a quick kill on Undying and Keeper of the Light got the kill on Rubick.


In the 11th minute, all five heroes of UKRAINENa`Vi grouped up at the bottom lane and Nyx Assassin engaged on Gyropter without hesitation that lead to a huge team fight where UKRAINENa`Vi ended up killing three heroes without losing a single hero, and later on they took down the bottom tier-1 tower. UKRAINENa`Vi continued to push the bottom lane and started focusing down the tier-2 tower and it lead to another team fight where UKRAINENa`Vi got two kills in exchange for Clinkz.


In the 15th minute, UKRAINENa`Vi was able to get a team wipe on GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz near the middle tier-1 tower which they eventually took down. They later on took down Roshan and secured the Aegis of the Immortal. After that, both teams found themselves in a huge team fight in the radiant jungle where UKRAINENa`Vi got another huge team wipe in exchange for Clinkz, then they took down the middle tier-2 tower. After that, Storm Spirit quickly engaged on Rubick and got the kill but unfortunately for UKRAINENa`Vi it was at the cost of three heroes.


In the 20th minute, GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz smoked up and went in the middle lane and pickoff Keeper of the Light and Clinkz. UKRAINENa`Vi later on engage and were able to get four kills out of it.


In the 24th minute, UKRAINENa`Vi pushed the bottom lane and focused on the tier-2 tower, GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz initiated on them but lead to another team wipe. UKRAINENa`Vi later on pushed into the tier-3 tower and decided to dive inside the base of GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz killing two more heroes but in exchange for three of their heroes and the middle tier-1 tower of UKRAINENa`Vi afterwards.



UKRAINENa`Vi was able to secure the Aegis of the Immortal 28 minutes into the game then decided to push the bottom lane where they were able to successfully destroy the barracks after bagging another team wipe that forced the "GG" call from GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mouz.


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