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AMD2PL: TnC Gaming outlasts Speratus to secure spot in the Grand Finals

Hamodi on 2013-04-18

TnC Gaming outlasts Speratus to secure spot in Grand Finals




PHILIPPINESTnC gaming defeated Speratus, PHILIPPINESSperatus drops into the losers’ bracket finals. PHILIPPINESPacific eSports easily took down PHILIPPINESCSSextreme and faced PHILIPPINESMSI-evoGT who eventually dropped them out of the competition.



In the first minute both teams were able to get a trade off in the tri-lane where PHILIPPINESSperatus got a first blood on Sandking but PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming got a trade kill on Weaver.


Queen of Pain would later on get a solo kill on Magnus, where there is no doubt that Magnus is no match for Queen of Pain in the laning stage.


In the 4th minute, PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming wiped out the tri-lane heroes of PHILIPPINESSperatus after great micro by Gyrocopter.


In the 8th minute, Queen of Pain went to the bottom lane and Rubick laned top to at least get a few experience and get near to level 6, which is crucial because of a possible Reverse Polarity steal.


A team fight would later occur where PHILIPPINESSperatus won it 3:1 after an engagement in the radiant jungle.


In the 11th minute, PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming tried to kill Templar Assassin but a quick teleport backup by Queen of Pain turned the situation around where PHILIPPINESSperatus took down the supports and Lone Druid afterwards.


In the 13th minute, Magnus took down the top tier-1 without anyone defending it, while that was happening PHILIPPINESSperatus took down a tier-1 of their own in the bottom lane. In a few minutes, both teams found themselves in a team fight at the bottom lane where PHILIPPINESSperatus got two kills without losing a single hero. Lone Druid, trying to sneak into the middle lane and take down the tier-1 tower but an immediate teleport by Templar Assassin denied Lone Druid the tower, after that PHILIPPINESSperatus pushed the middle lane and took down the tier-1 tower. PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming immediately engaged after that but lost two heroes in exchanged of killing Templar Assassin.


PHILIPPINESSperatus took down the bottom tier-2 without a problem with Magnus and Gyrocopter down for the side of PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming. PHILIPPINESSperatus immediately took down Roshan and secured the Aegis of the Immortal.


21:30 - PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming destroyed the bottom tier-1 and PHILIPPINESSperatus got a trade off after destroying the top tier-1. PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming looking confident that they can get another tower, focused down the bottom tier-2 then PHILIPPINESSperatus with no hesitation engaged in a team fight but unfortunately for them, they almost got team wiped if not for the Aegis of the Immortal on Queen of Pain. PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming took down the tier-2 tower after that.


In the 25th minute, PHILIPPINESSperatus engaged on Lone Druid in the radiant jungle but fortunately for Lone Druid his teammates are near and offered quick assistance that lead to four heroes down on the side of PHILIPPINESSperatus and took down the middle tier-2 tower after that.


A huge team fight took place 33 minutes into the game near the Roshan pit where PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming got a team wipe on the back of the last standing Lone Druid.


In the 36th minute, both teams smoked up and eventually found each other near the Roshan pit where it went bad for PHILIPPINESSperatus, they lost three heroes, PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming secured the Aegis of the Immortal then pushed the middle lane to get a quick barracks down, mainly because of the over-farmed Lone Druid.



PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming were able to take down the bottom barracks and then killing the three carries of PHILIPPINESSperatus. "GG" call by PHILIPPINESSperatus in the 41st minute.



A great anticipation by PHILIPPINESPacific eSports early on, picking off Nature’s Prophet in the jungle and giving Weaver a first blood. PHILIPPINESCCS tried to gank Puck later on in the middle lane but a failed coordination cost the kill on Puck but Queen of Pain would get a solo kill on Puck while the tri-lane wass engaging in a team fight in the bottom lane where PHILIPPINESPacific eSports were able to get two kills in exchange for 1.


In the 4th minute, PHILIPPINESCCS was able to get a kill on Lifestealer after a teleport backup by Nature’s Prophet. But an over extension by Gyrocopter cost his life after diving the supports in the tier-1 tower, and later on the life of Shadow Demon. While that was happening, Queen of Pain got another solo kill on Puck. With Nature’s Prophet teleporting to the bottom lane to help out, he left Weaver at the top lane and indeed he took advantage. Destroying the tier-1 tower in the 6th minute. After a minute, an over committed kill by PHILIPPINESCSS had to pay for the lives of three.


Weaver took down his second tower after destroying the top tier-2 10 minutes into the game. A huge team fight occurred later on in the dire jungle where PHILIPPINESPacific eSports got four kills out of it after great micro by Bane Elemental.


In the 15th minute, PHILIPPINESPacific eSports got a team wipe on PHILIPPINESCSS then destroying the bottom tier-1 afterwards. Weaver quickly rotated to the middle lane and took down the tier-1 tower. After that, PHILIPPINESCSS engaged PHILIPPINESPacific eSports but unfortunately lead to the death to four of them.



In the 20th minute, another huge team fight won by PHILIPPINESPacific eSports forced out the "GG" call from PHILIPPINESCSS, accepting defeat from the hands of PHILIPPINESPacific eSports.



PHILIPPINESMSIevoGT.TnC were able to get a first blood on Lone Druid, taking advantage on the big creep wave, diving him inside the tower. They later on dived him and got a second kill, forcing Lone Druid to farm in their jungle. With that said, PHILIPPINESMSIevoGT.TnC took advantage and destroyed the top tier-1 in the 6th minute. PHILIPPINESMSIevoGT.TnC rotated to the bottom lane 9 minutes into the game and destroyed the tier-1 tower.


A clash at the start of 10 minutes was later won by PHILIPPINESPacific eSports, getting 3 kills in exchange for 2. In 11:30, Lone Druid took down the top tier-1 without anyone defending it.


In the 13th minute, both Chen and Juggernaut tried to pickoff the lone Queen of Pain in the bottom lane but unfortunately for them, Queen of Pain outplayed them and getting a double kill out of it. PHILIPPINESMSIevoGT.TnC would later on push the middle lane and destroying the tier-1 tower.


In the 17th minute, PHILIPPINESMSIevoGT.TnC were trying to take down the bottom tier-2 tower and PHILIPPINESPacific eSports engaged to defend but failed badly, losing four heroes in the process and  PHILIPPINESMSIevoGT.TnC took down the tier-2 tower afterwards. Gyrocopter and Bane looked confident in the top lane and tried to take down the tier-2 tower but PHILIPPINESPacific eSports defended it well and ended up killing the both of them. They later on caught Darkseer in their jungle.


In the 21st minute, PHILIPPINESMSIevoGT.TnC grouped un in the middle lane and tried to take down the tier-2 tower, PHILIPPINESPacific eSports defended it once again but unfortunately they did not have enough fire power and ended up losing Chen, Juggernaut then the tier-2 tower.


In the 24th minute, PHILIPPINESMSIevoGT.TnC secured the Aegis of the Immortal with PHILIPPINESPacific eSports deciding not to contest and just farm up their items.


In the 27th minute, PHILIPPINESMSIevoGT.TnC took down all of PHILIPPINESPacific eSports’ outer towers after taking down the top tier-2 and decided to push into the tier-3 tower. Fortunately for PHILIPPINESPacific eSports they defended it well despite a questionable solo Reverse Polarity on Queen of Pain that just got negated because of the buyback and recall from Keeper of the Light. PHILIPPINESPacific eSports later on decided to push the middle lane and Queen of Pain sacrificed her own life and basically bought her teammates time to take down the top barracks.



PHILIPPINESMSIevoGT.TnC later on pushed the bottom lane and was able to kill four heroes of PHILIPPINESPacific eSports to easily take down the barracks. "GG" call from PHILIPPINESPacific eSports in the 35th minute.


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