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Nvidia continues supporting the Pinoy Gaming Festival

RGN on 2013-04-17

Nvidia continues supporting the Pinoy Gaming Festival



The world leader in visual computing technologies, Nvidia continues to support the biggest gaming event in the Philippines, the Pinoy Gaming Festival (PGF).

Since last year, Nvidia has always been a part of the biggest gaming event that every Filipino’ gamers loved. The massive support and overwhelming response from the previous PGF’s had built the trust between both parties. In this upcoming Summer Assembly, Nvidia is going to be the main presenter of the event and will also conduct the StarCraftII Heart of the Swarm Tournament.

Besides Nvidia, returning sponsor, ASUS - Republic of Gamers who has also been known as a PGF partner since last year will be a major sponsor for this year’s Summer Assembly 

Alfred Bayle, one of the ASUS representatives shared this statement towards the upcoming PGF.


“Based on the overwhelming feedback received from last year’s Pinoy Gaming Festival, we are happy to be able to once again partner with PGF for 2013. Exciting things are coming for the PC world and to kick things off on a positive note, ASUS will be hosting a rig modding contest for ASUS motherboard owners. This is ASUS’ way of showing support for the local modding community and to promote the ASUS ROG brand. We encourage other budding rig modders to further develop their craft and join the ranks of Camshow, Tantric, and Paul Tan who are well known in the International modding community.”


With Nvidia and ASUS as the major partners and the support of Neolution, DC, PLDT Alpha, Cyberzone, E-Club, Monster Energy Drink, Mineski, and PCWorx all fans can expect another fully loaded event that will be part of Philippine e-Sports history.


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