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MSI-TnC gaming cup kicks off this weekend

Nic on 2013-04-17

MSI-TnC gaming cup kicks off this weekend



One of the Philippine’s premiere gaming team, TnC Gaming will be officially launching a huge development not only in their gaming group, but also in the Philippine e-Sports scene. TnC in partnership with MSI brings you, ‘MSI-TnC Gaming Cup 2013.

If you are a Filipino’ gamer, one good news to expect from this event is that they have multiple gaming titles in store for everyone, from WarCraft3 Dota, StarCraft2, CrossFire, Dota 2, and League of Legends.

Aside from these gaming titles, the gaming cup will also feature different show matches in the inaugural day. There is a 1v1 WarCraft3 Dota tournament where 4 well known players are expected to compete. Also, the Crossfire all-star show match will happen on the same day and will be casted by the famous MSI-EvoGT.TnC captain Elgee ‘Elgee’ Gaboy.



To top this, Rapture Gaming Network also got a word from ‘Christian Villegas’, one of TnC’s events representative and he expressed that TnC website is set to launch, more to expect from this surging gaming group as they continue their quest to gain local and international eSports glory.

Update: The CrossFire tournament is will be from 27th April and League of Legends is set to be on the 24th of April.


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