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Zenith pulling out of Tide’s Wrath and Netolic, xy- to miss G-1 League Qualifiers

MaDCaT on 2013-04-03

Zenith pulling out of Tide’s Wrath and Netolic, xy- to miss G-1 League Qualifiers


(Current line-up of SINGAPORETeam Zenith; from left to right iceiceice, xy-, xFreedom, Ice, YamateH), Photo by IGN.


Earlier today SINGAPOREZenith announced on their Facebook page that they are to withdraw from 2 regional tournaments that they were invited to, namely Tide’s Wrath Tournament and Netolic DOTA 2 Pro League, in order to focus the prestigious G-1 League. It was also confirmed yesterday that Wai Hong "xy-" Toh will be away on holiday in Japan thus missing the rest of the online qualifiers. Despite rumours that Benedict 'hyhy Hanyong Lim may make a return to his former team, the void will temporarily be filled by  Alvin 'Meracle' Kang who is currently playing for SINGAPOREFirst Departure, according to GosuGamers.


Statement by Tammy ‘furryfish*’ Tang, SINGAPOREZenith’s manager:

We'd like to say we're very sorry about withdrawing at such little notice and for disappointing the fans who wanted to watch our games. The team felt that they couldn't perform as well without xy and they would like to focus on G1. It is totally the team's fault for over-committing and we are very sorry about it.

Source: SINGAPORETeam Zenith’s Facebook


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