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Insomnia49 hosts UK DOTA 2 LAN event

Nic on 2013-03-29

Insomnia49 hosts UK DOTA 2 LAN event



The hype for DOTA 2 is really stepping up! After G-1, G-league, Dreamhack, Raidcall EMS One and the other LAN tournaments that have been announced, another big organization has followed suit with the biggest gaming festival in UK, Insomnia49, announcing that it has added DOTA 2 to their list of game titles.


The announcement was made in a press release because of the huge amount of requests that they had received from the DOTA 2 community. Information released confirmed that the initial prize pool for the said event is going to be 2,000 Euros.


Insomnia49 LAN Event is going to be held in the United Kingdom from 23 to 26 August. Expect major Western teams to participate in it as every team is invited as long as they can make it to the venue and register.


Given the dates, this event is likely going to be a great training ground for teams preparing for Valve’s 'The International' which will follow soon after.


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