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0 draws first blood at G-1 Phase 3, defeating LGD.Int 2-1

Hamodi on 2013-03-28 draws first blood at G-1 Phase 3, defeating LGD.Int 2-1



In a strongly contested opening match on G-1 Champions League’s Phase 3, took on comrades InternationalLGD.Int in a drawn out best-of-three affair. Despite being crushed in Game 1, the Chinese squad was able to claw their way back into the series and win it 2-1.



Game 1 started out quite evenly as both teams were focusing on winning their lanes in terms of both items and experience, with InternationalLGD.Int arguably ahead. InternationalLGD.Int drew first blood 10 minutes into the game after a teleport gank by Lifestealer in the middle lane to help out Storm Spirit and killing Clockwerk.


InternationalLGD.Int were able to win a huge team fight at the 18 minute mark, killing 4 of's heroes without losing any of their own. They proceeded to take down the first top tower. Winning another team fight a few minutes later and killing 4 heroes in the Dire jungle once again, with only Anti-Mage surviving after a big save by his teammates, specifically Shadow Demon's Disruption to deny the team wipe.


After 26 minutes InternationalLGD.Int already had a 15,000 gold advantage over, after getting off to a better start, with the kill ratio lead and having taken down all of the outer towers, while was unable to take down a single tower.


At the 27 minute mark, tried to deny InternationalLGD.Int's attempt at taking down Roshan but unfortunately they had to pay, once again, with 4 of their heroes in exchange for InternationalLGD.Int's 2. To compound matters, InternationalLGD.Int took the Aegis of the Immortal as well.


InternationalLGD.Int would try to end the game at the 29 minute mark and were able to take down the top melee barracks, forcing to use their buybacks and had to pay for their lives.




At the 32 minute mark. InternationalLGD.Int decided to focus on the bottom lane this time around, managing to catch Anti-Mage off-guard and immediately pushed the bottom lane which led to them successful ending the game in 33 minutes.



Game 2 saw InternationalLGD.Int going with a surprising Treant Protector pick, deciding to give it the three position role and going aggressive tri-lane with it.


The game once again started out with both teams trying to get decent farms and experience in their lanes, with Treant Protector helping out the solo laners very often with the use of his Living Armour. were able to get a first blood on Treant Protector at the 9 minute mark and were also able to chip away a huge chunk of life from the first bottom tower. Unfortunately for them however, Treant Protector brought it back to full health in a couple of minutes.


At the 14 minute mark, InternationalLGD.Int initiated immediately after Treant Protector got his Blink Dagger but unfortunately the follow up skills were slow, which led to an counter with a Blink Dagger+Reverse Polarity by Magnus that end in a team wipe and two bottom towers consequently. would later push the middle lane and was able to get a tower down, then decided to fall back for a while before taking the second tower, killing a few heroes along with it, giving them a 10:0 kill lead after 20 minutes. The Treant Protector pick did not seem to be paying off thus far. would take all of InternationalLGD.Int's outer towers in just 24 minutes, while InternationalLGD.Int only managed to take down 2. decided to finish the game off and pushed via the bottom lane after 29 minutes which led to a team wipe and with it the game.



With InternationalLGD.Int having a stronger tri-lane lineup in Game 3, they were severely limiting Juggernaut's farm and were winning the other lanes as well.


InternationalLGD.Int was able to get first blood on the Lone Druid in the middle lane after a rotation by the supports made the kill possible. The supports would later gank Enigma at the bottom lane and take down the first tower at the same time. decided to push the top lane at the 11 minute mark and was able to take the first tower but had to pay with the lives of two heroes. They would later push the middle lane, taking the first tower but InternationalLGD.Int were prepared and was able to trade a top tower for it. picked off InternationalLGD.Int's support heroes and proceeded to take down Roshan to secure the Aegis of the Immortal 18 minutes into the game.


After that, both teams focused on farming up and split-pushing the lanes. InternationalLGD.Int was trying to pick-off a few heroes by using the Smoke of Deceit but did not manage to get the main InternationalLGD.Int heroes. took the Aegis of the Immortal once again at the 28 minute mark and immediately pushed mid to take down the second tower. They tried to go for the third tower but unfortunately, Enigma miss-clicked Black King Bar which forced them to fall back. would take their third uncontested Roshan 40 minutes into the game and decided to push the middle lane. With the pushing power that had, they took down the middle barracks in seconds with InternationalLGD.Int hesitant to defend it because of the Aegis of the Immortal and Cheese that had.



After 46 minutes, was able to get a team wipe in the middle lane that eventually led to them taking down another barracks followed by the "GG" calls by InternationalLGD.Int.


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