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Can you tank this?

Reuben Soh on 2013-03-29

Can you tank this?



Wargaming, developers of the hit MMO the World of Tanks (WoT) have rolled out a swanking new tournament with some scintillatingly cool swag. TankAsia Masters 2013, the evolutionary response to 2012’s Weekly Tournaments, will cater to the growing number of Tank Commanders seeking recognition and acclaim in the field of armoured combat.


With over USD$100,000 worth of cash prizes up for grabs, of which a scintillating USD$50,000 alone for whoever emerges the undisputed master and commander of the lot – this is one WoT competition you tank enthusiasts will not want to miss. Registration will officially close 5 April at 2359 hours, so get your battalion ready before then because late entrants will not be entertained.


Only teams with a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 11 members will be selected. In addition, only 32 teams will be seeded into the tournament and should you wish your team to be seeded, early registration is required.


For more information on the TankAsia Masters, head on over to the official competition page at  


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  1. gravatar

    This game has so much potential to be made even better. I love the mechanics and physics... It's a perfect Tank game which takes into account almost every factor :3

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