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G-1 Day 3 - LGD.Int and ViCi Gaming march into next round

Hamodi on 2013-03-23

G-1 Day 3 - LGD.Int and ViCi Gaming marches into next round



The third day of the G-1 Phase 2 qualifiers has ended and it turned out to be a intensely fought one with China-based teams getting the upper hand. Both InternationalLGD.Int and CHINAViCi Gaming won their series' against InternationalNeolution.International and AUSTRALIARilimin respectively.



In the first game of the series between InternationalLGD.Int and InternationalNeolution.Int, InternationalLGD.Int opted to go with Shadow Demon and Leshrac as support and have Magnus, Gyrocopter, and Nature's Prophet as carries while on the other side it was Lina, Sand King support backing up Puck, Queen of Pain and Lone Druid.



Pajkatt and company showed the vast difference in terms of experience as they dominated InternationalNeolution.Int to win the game. The team picked the signature Western hero, Gyrocopter, to complement the superb Reverse Polarity of Magnus.



Before Game 2 even started, most viewers seemed ready to declare InternationalLGD.Int winners. Misery drafted Weaver, Rubick, Clockwerk, Dark Seer, and Templar Assassin to complete their line-up while NinjaBoogie picked Shadow Demon, Dazzle, Invoker, Queen of Pain, and Lifestealer for InternationalLGD.Int.



However, the Singapore based team had other ideas and were not going down without a fight. On the back of their new addition Mr.Swish, who had a significant impact with his Queen of Pain in mid-lane, InternationalNeolution.Int took the game to InternationalLGD.Int with InternationalLGD.Int's Weaver controlled effectively by NinjaBoogie and their aggressive tri-lane in top lane.



With the scoreline tied, Game 3 was a major disappointment, especially from InternationalNeolution.Int's perspective. Their draft did not go well having picked Keeper of the Light, Undying, Shadow Shaman, Shadow Demon, and Magnus.



InternationalLGD.International went on a rampage and totally dominated their opponents by only giving up 2 deaths, taking all the outer towers in just 14 minutes and putting InternationalNeolution.Int out of their misery in 20 minutes.

Rapture Gaming Network was fortunate to ask NinjaBoogie about the questionable picks in Game 3 and he had only this to say.

“I don’t know what was (going on) with them; I don’t want to get (into) that since they stressed me out (throughout) the whole thing”.




The second series was between AUSTRALIARilimin and CHINAViCi Gaming. Fumoffu and gang decided to go with Jakiro, Queen of Pain, Gyrocopter, Dark Seer, and Shadow Demon while on the other side the Chinese opted to go with Silencer, Keeper of the Light, Sand King, Lone Druid and Shadow Fiend in the off-lane.



Silencer in the aggressive tri-lane kept hounding AUSTRALIARilimin's carry and that gave time for Shadow Fiend to farm in top lane and hit their way to a victory in Game 1.



Game 2 saw AUSTRALIARilimin trying to avoid elimination by picking up mobile heroes like Wisp, Chaos Knight, Queen of Pain, Prophet and Keeper of the Light. However, the plan did not work out well against CHINAViCi’s Shadow Demon, Sand King, Night Stalker, Bounty Hunter, and Lifestealer lineup.



CHINAViCi Gaming started the game exactly as planned as they completely dominated the lanes, allowing their carries to get farmed up and getting easy kills along the way. As a result, CHINAViCi Gaming took Game 2 and the series to advance to the next round. Unfortunately for AUSTRALIARilimin, this was the end of the road for them.


CHINAViCi Gaming and InternationalLGD.Int will be facing each other in the next round to determine who will advance to Phase 3 of G-1 and with it, a chance to compete with CHINAiG, CHINADK, CHINALGD.China, and MALAYSIANeolution.Orange.


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