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Ledion to host weekly DOTA and DOTA 2 tournaments

Nic on 2013-03-09

Ledion to host weekly DOTA and DOTA 2 tournaments



You read it right – Ledion, one of the better known sponsors in the Philippines who are also the sponsors of Dreamz-Dota, will be hosting weekly WC3 DOTA and DOTA 2 tournaments. The announcement was made by Dreamz manager and GMPGL 2012 ‘Manager of the Year’, BigDogJ.


Prior to this announcement, Ledion had already hosted multiple DOTA 2 tournaments that served to gauge the response from the community. Adding another ‘wow’ factor to this announcement is the fact that both tournaments will happen weekly, with the WC3 Dota tournament on Saturday and the DOTA 2 tournament every Sunday. 



This tournament will be an interesting addition to existing tournaments in the Philippines. Mineski is known for hosting the monthly GMPGL, while Pacific has GPPC. Apart from these local events, South-East Asia also has Dotatalk League, Gosucup Asia, and Lendota.


Filipino gamers will now have an array of tournaments to compete in and to challenge both local and international competitors. One can only expect amateur teams from the Philippines to slowly start improving against South-East Asian powerhouses with many of the teams still transitioning from DOTA to DOTA 2.


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