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Win a sponsorship contract in Armaggeddon Dota2 Grand Slam Asia 2013

RGN on 2013-01-16

Asia seems to be booming with Dota 2 tournaments and after The Asia the next big tournament for Asia has arrived, Armaggeddon Dota 2 Grand Slam Asia 2013 will be held for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mynamar. The prize pool of this tournament is US$20,000 and along with the cash prize the champion team gets a chance to have a ride in a Ferrari and a sponsorship contract.

 “As the reward for this tournament is sponsorship from one of our sponsors, the team must be free of ANY conflicting contractual obligations. The details and terms of the sponsorship will be discussed after the tournament.”



Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam will have maximum slot of 64 teams each while Indonesia, Phillippines and Sri Lanka will have 128 team slots and Mynamar will have 32 team slots. The most unique part of this tournament is that teams who lack gaming gears will be provided with gears provided by Armaggeddon themself for the National Qualifiers and National Semi finals as well. Use of some of the gear is required at specific stages of the tournament.


Malaysia will have two Qualifiers to decide the teams which would get an entry to the tournament. While Singapore will have an Round Robin Qualifiers. The Round Robin Qualifiers for Singapore will be held from 2nd-24th Feburary 2013, while the double elimination Semi Finals will be held from 2nd and 3rd of March 2013 and Grand Slam dates are 9th and 10th of March 2013.


National champions who have made it to Grand Slam levels will be reimbursed up to US$500 per team for air tickets and will be provided accommodation by the organizer. The registration for Malaysia and Singapore is now open and teams can register for the tournament.

Tournament News Page:

Registration Link :


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