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Gigabyte 2012 Final Tournament Preview

Nico on 2013-01-15

The highly anticipated final showdown of the Gigabyte e-Sports Tournament (GEST), one of 2012’s most consistent South-East Asian Warcraft III DotA tournaments, will draw to a conclusion with the exception of a few banned teams. With some top teams expected to compete, fans can expect thrilling matches in this leg of the tournament. GEST is hosted by its partners PlayCyberGames (PCG) of Thailand and Pacific e-Sports of the Philippines and will be held on 1 and 2 February.


GEST started last February of 2012 with Mineski from the Philippines capturing the first title. GEST is an online tournament that pits the best South-East Asian teams against each other. Up till now, the tournament has been dominated by the Filipino teams as they have won 8 out of 9 tournaments. The only team to break their stranglehold was Orange from Malaysia as they managed to win the April leg.


GEST’s Facebook fan-page has already previously announced the disqualification of three big teams, Orange, SkyNet, and Poker Star because of their decision to forfeit earlier legs of the tournament. There are however still plenty of big names that have already confirmed their participation including Mineski, Pacific.Emaxx, MsI EvoGT, Pacific Palit, iZone Gigabyte, Burning Rae, and 1st esports.


With the tournament just a few weeks away, will the Filipino teams continue to dominate? Or will another team break their streak? For more updates with regard to GEST, visit RGN site or our Facebook.


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