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GMPGL 5-1 Kicks-off on the 21st of January!

Hamodi on 2013-01-16

It was indeed a successful 2012 for Pinoys after taking home the gold from SGNDT2012, and this was all because of GMPGL. It is back once again and resumes on the 21st of January. Some of the top teams already forfeited their Class S slots and will be focusing on DotA 2 instead. With this, others aspiring teams now have a greater shot at stardom.


GMPGL CLASS B - Monday, January 21, 2013 

GMPGL introduces the Class B division, and this will be an open-for-all tournament where any team who wishes to join are accepted. Class B participants will play at the Mineski cybercafe branches all over the country and the eventual champions of each branch will qualify to the Class A division.


GMPGL Class A - Saturday, January 26, 2013

While in the Class A division a total of 16 teams will be battling it out to get a spot at the Class S division, these 16 teams qualified as the top 2 finalists from the different branches. For the first leg of season 5, top 8 teams of this division will enter Class S while the rest will be relegated to Class B once again. All teams who enter Class A are already assured of P1000 prize.


GMPGL Class S - Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finally we have the Class S division where the best of the best battle it out for ultimate supremacy. All 8 teams will be split into 2 groups and the top 2 teams of each group will advance into the playoffs securing their spot for the Class S in the next leg.


And as a bonus and support, If ever a provincial team made it to the Class S, Mineski will be flying in a multimedia team to host coverage on games in that province. So that means, the champion of the GMPGL this season can really be called the Philippine champion!

Place Class S

Class A
1st P15000 P5000
2nd P5000 P3000
3rd P4000 P2000
4th P3000 P1500
5-8th P1500 P1000

*Each branch champion of Class B receives P1000.



GMPGL season 5 will still utilize the same pointing system for consistent Class S teams. The points are accumulated throughout the entire season and the value of the points won by each Class S team depends on how well they performed during a GMPGL Class S leg.

Class S Place Points

1st: 25 GMPGL points + retains Class S status
2nd: 18 GMPGL points + retains Class S status
3rd: 15 GMPGL points + retains Class S status
4th: 12 GMPGL points + retains Class S status
5th: 10 GMPGL points + retains Class S status
6th: 8 GMPGL points + retains Class S status
7th: 6 GMPGL points
8th: 4 GMPGL points



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