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Interview with Owey from Dreamz, the Filipinos representative at SMM 2012!

Jai Mendiola on 2012-11-05

As Pinoy Gaming Festival has come to its end for a week, and DotA fans and fellow gamers all witnessed the greatness of Dreamz Ledion Steel Series as they were crowned as Champions in GMPGL DotA. Not only that, they will represent the Philippines in the upcoming SMM 2012 that will be held on Malaysia. Today, Rapture Gaming Network brings you an exclusive interview with Joshua Aaron "Owey" Dela Cruz, Dreamz Ledion's carry.

Name: Joshua Aaron Concepcion Dela Cruz
Nickname: Owey
Age: 17
Date of Birth: February 1, 1995
Country/State: Philippines
Game(s) Played Competitively: DotA 1 and DotA 2
Year when gamer started competitive/pro gaming: 2006
Favorite Gaming Hardware: Steel Series


RGN: Who is Owey without DotA?

Owey: Simple, fun loving, kind, studying and lovely.

RGN: What is your role in the team?

Owey: Carry, Utility Mid, because I always want to be the one who get's the kills.


RGN: What is your favorite hero in DotA? Why?

Owey: Rexxar, I really love the skills of this hero. All of them are useful to me and to my teammates, especially "ROAR" and "Call of the Wild" because you can see where your enemy is :)


RGN: What is the first hero that you ever used?

Owey: Kardel (Dwarven Sniper), because it's easy to use, don't have much skills. It's just for attacking and his range is very long :)


RGN: How did you become a Dreamz member?

Owey: Before I was on Laguna (a province in Philippines), then my brothers, Kevin and Papap went to Manila and had a game against the players of Bigdog J. In that time, Bigdog J was playing M.U. and they just forced him to play DotA. After that, I went to Manila, and then we formed Dreamz that had the original members, Cocoy, Bryz, Owey, PapaP and Kevin.

Owey and Julz (left) 

RGN: How does it feel being the number 1 team in the Philippines now?

Owey: Of course, I'm happy. We are now one of the famous teams in PH; we were not expecting that we would be the champion. Also, we are happy that our chemistry as team is now almost called perfect :)


RGN: Who inspires you the most?

Owey: Chicklet :)


RGN: What can you say about your manager Bigdog J?

Owey: He's so kind. He motivates us to practice all the time. I must say that if Biddod J were not with us, we would not make it to where we are right now. He's the aura of our team and the best manager that I've ever known.

Dreamz must be thankful to BigDog J for their success 

RGN: How do you feel being the representative of PH in the upcoming SMM?

Owey: Happy but somehow nervous. We are so excited because we can play against top Chinese teams. We will do our best for our country.


RGN: What will be your preparations in the upcoming SMM?

Owey: Keep on practicing hard, always watch replays of the players from different countries for us not to be surprise on what will happen there.


RGN: What is your message to your teammates for the upcoming SMM?

Owey: To all my teammates, I hope that we will become successful on the upcoming SMM, keep your feet on the ground always. We need to practice more so that we will all be prepared to represent our country ;)


RGN: Any message to your fans?

Owey: Thank you for supporting our Team Dreamz Ledion Steel Series. If you want to play with us through AN games, you can always go to Ledion Dapitan. We are always there to have practice. Thank you very much again :)


RGN: Any shoutout?

Owey: Thank you for supporting the team DreamzLedionSteelSeries. I would like to greet our manager Dreamz Justin Alm a.k.a. BIGDOG J, to my brothers Kevin Dela Cruz, Christian Dela Cruz, Chester Dela Cruz, the girlfriend of Kevin, Aeryel Dela Rosa.

To all my friends in St. Joseph -Papa Bolz, Mj Esquivel, Elaine Dela Cruz, Jane Jardiolin, Wawie Stifler, Bosz Loco, Joshua Oronos, Inggo Martinez, Jc Ramos.

To my idol teams, IZONE, MSI, Mineski, Olympians, Peralta, Emaxx. To my friends in Laguna Ace, Raymund, Kenneth, Ralph, Niknok, Miguel, Jake Fla Mkie,

My fans out there Jane Bianca Yao, Tei, Chris Ignacio, Ychie, Joyci, Savannah Nicole, Ake Perez, Potpot, Pol, Akide, Yani, Team Dreamz - Julz, L.A., Paty, Yosh more power and goodluck to us for the SMM. "Tiwala lang bus yan!". Thank you Jai Mendiola <3 for the interview, Ledion Goddess. Hello Dorot, Betty, Ipe, Mommy Meeko Depositor <3 and to all WARA.

Good luck and see you again at SMM, Malaysia!


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