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Interview with Christelle Joy ''Tei'' Celis - Gamer/Model of Pacific Esports

Jai Mendiola on 2012-10-23

Who said that a sexy and hot lady doesn't fit to be an eSports fanatic? Then to those who keep on saying that, you may have a different point of view after reading this article. It is all about a beautiful young gamer and her career as a model, a gamer and a student. Today, Rapture Gaming Network brings you an exclusive interview with none other than Pacific's number 1 model, Christelle Joy "Tei" Celis.

Name: Christelle Joy R. Celis
Nickname: Tei
Age: 17
Date of Birth: January 20, 1995
Country/State: PH
Game(s) Played Competitively: DotA
Year when gamer started competitive/pro gaming: March 2011
Favorite Gaming Hardware:
I actually feel comfortable playing with any type of gaming hardware, but I am very particular with the audio. I get more indulged in the game when the sound effects are good, especially when I hear my chosen DotA hero's voice! That's why I see to it that I use my ThermalTake Chao Dracco headphones :))

RGN: Who is Tei outside the gaming community?

Tei: Outside the gaming community, I am just a simple college student. I am currently taking up Mass Communication at the Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Maynila, and gladly I am already at my third year. I tend to stay at home and just spend time with my family and bond with friends.


RGN: How did you learn to play DotA?

Tei: I actually learned by myself, playing with AI. Then I decided to try Garena. I hosted a 5v5 game and typed –apnpom, HAHAHA! Trashtalk rained everywhere, and I cried after that. Then I asked some friends to play with me and that was where it all really began.


RGN: What other games are playing?

Tei: I also play League of Legends, although I am still learning to use other heroes. Sometimes I play DOTA 2. :D


RGN: What is the first hero that you used in DotA?

Tei: Crystal Maiden


RGN: Who is your favorite hero?

Tei: Crystal Maiden, of course, haha! When I was just a beginner, Rylai was the only hero I used. I think it lasted for about 3 months? If I don't get to pick her back then, I quit, hahaha. I also love using Ancient Apparition.


RGN: How are you balancing your life as a gamer and as a student?

Tei: I tell myself that I should set my priorities first. I make sure that I don't have school work left behind before I play DotA. I keep in mind that there is a real world outside the gaming scene, and that's what I should prepare for. But still, the love for eSports is there :)


RGN: You have a boyfriend/inspiration?

Tei: Yes, we've been together for 3 years now. Hi, Oning Distor.


RGN: Is he a gamer?

Tei: Yes, he is. Actually he was the reason why I got interested in playing DotA.


RGN: Besides playing DotA, what are your other hobbies?

Tei: When I'm not playing DotA, I play with babies, haha. Please don't get me wrong. It's just I like playing with our neighbor's babies and make little kids smile. It feels so precious! I also sing at our karaoke at home with my grandmother :))


RGN: If you have to choose between playing games and modeling, what will you choose and why?

Tei: If I had been given the chance to join the competitive scene, maybe I would choose playing. But some people judged me so easily, saying "Di ka naman magaling, wag ka na mag-DotA mag-model ka nalang!" (You're not good at playing DotA, you should stop and do modeling instead). They don't even realize that they hurt my feelings. I really want to play because I love the game, but I was not given the chance because of how I carry myself. So I'd rather choose modeling.


RGN: If you will be given a chance to be a professional model, will you grab it?

Tei: Yes, as long as I have the permission of Pacific eSports! But I'm sure that they would really allow me because they have been really supportive even right from the start. I consider them as my second family <3. I always grab the opportunities that people offer me as long as I'm sure that it doesn't hurt others, specially the people that I love.


RGN: How are you balancing your love life while playing DotA?

Tei: Oftentimes, we play DotA together. That's why there isn't much of a conflict.


RGN: If you have a chance to be a hero in DotA, who will you pick and why?

Tei: I think I'm Sand King in real life. I use Burrowstrike to stun certain people to leave good impressions. I use Sand Storm when I get shy and people can't find me. I have Caustic Finale for those people who try to hurt important people in my life, and of course Epicenter because I'll rock your world. *laughs*


RGN: What can you say about the phrase "DotA or Girlfriend/Boyfriend?"

Tei: I don't believe that people have to choose. The key to this certain situation is to learn how to balance time and attention. If you really love your girlfriend/boyfriend, then the best thing to do is appreciate her/his love for eSports! :) I'm sure she/he will love you twice as she/he does <3


RGN: We asked your fans if they wanted to know more about you and we pick some of their questions. Here we go.

Ehla Villegas: What/Who pushed you to pursue your DotA career?

Tei: No one. Actually even my closest friends discouraged me. I exerted effort in playing because I was hoping to explore a new world and meet new friends. Now I realize that the DotA world is a bit cruel, especially for girls.


Elmer Tampipig: What are you doing right now if DOTA did not exist?

Tei: Maybe I'd be active in volunteering in charities.


Juss Lazaro: What's your vision in life?

Tei: I just want to be happy and make other people happy. I don't have a specific vision in life. Life is unpredictable, and I hate to get disappointed when things don't go my way. That's why I always go with the flow and just make the best out of every situation that I'm in. No regrets! <3


Paul Radaza Andrade: What is your battle roar?

Tei: !@#$%^&*!!!


RGN: Thanks for the wonderful interview; we really appreciate your time. You have anything to share or greet someone?

Tei: Please be patient with me, I have a lot of special people in my life, haha! First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Jai Mendiola for this awesome interview :) Hi to my mama Lanie. I love you! To my siblings Elise, Tin, Tim :*

To my beautiful best friends Biancake, Mckaye, Gilda, Kat, Danisa and Xtelle. And of course,
Julz, Owey, Chris :) Hi to Penalosa and Tondo friends Rem, Aj, BJ, Donald, Emeng, Bok, Jek,
C2, Ejhay, Jerem, Jerikyut, Jireh, Boss Pat! Kembular Family kuya James, Nino, Jelo, Mami
Lulu, Calv, Jah :* Bayok's Goddess Tara, Meeko, Ipe, Dorot, Betty <3 Team TEI & Ej Balza, Girls Over Dota :*

Also to those people who appreciate the things I do, I am really thankful for all of you guys! Oning Distor, I love you!

Last but not the least, to my Pacific eSports family! All of you have been very supportive eSports is an honor <3 Hello to my beautiful bestfriend Vberni. 

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