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MUFC owned ESWC Qualifier

Ronnel on 2012-10-15

After the recent big lose they had in the International, MUFC got themselves back in track as they owned Orange E-Sports in a 3-1 series at the ESWC Qualifier. The ESWC SEA Qualifier teams were Gizmo, Orange, TNC, MiTH, NTSG, MUFC, Apex and MSIEvoGT. In the first round, the Philippine teams, MSIEvoGT and TNC, showed how strong they are as they took down their opponents while the other Philippines team NTSG wasn’t able to advance as MUFC defeated them in a 2-1 series.

The semi finals were exciting as it was a classic Malaysian versus Pinoy brawl. Orange went up against TNC where they managed to defeat the team in a 2-0 series. MUFC also did the same as they defeated MSIEvoGT in a 2-0 affair.Orange was undefeated in the tournament until in the finals, where they met MUFC. They suffered their first lost against Sharky and his squad. Hyhy was playing as a standing for MUFC, and they also recently acquired Ohy, former Invasion Red player, and KeN.


In the end, MUFC was crowned as the ESWC SEA Qualifier Champion and the team will be competing in the grand finals on Paris, France this November.


Current Teams in the ESWC Finals

Natus Vincere


There are still five (5) open slots, which will be determined in the France Qualifier, China Qualified, Algeria Qualifier, Kosovo Qualifier, and West Qualifier. The ESWC Finals will be held on November 1 to 4 at Paris Game Week, Hall 1 at Porte de Versailles in Paris, France.

Stayed tuned on RGN to get the latest updates of the Grand Final.


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