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GMPGL 4-9: The final leg has ended!

Jai Mendiola on 2012-10-12

The last GMPGL of the year was successful by its thrilling one. Mineski was back to being participants in Class S division where they was sent on the group alongside with iZone GIGABYTE, Dreamz Ledion Steel Series and Neolution E-Sports PH, called “Group of Death.” Although iZONE GiGABYTE fell in the tough group, they stilled remained unbeaten having 3-0 advantage and the rest of team all received 1-2 disadvantage. Then, the marshal checked the time of each game and in the end, Dreamz Ledion Steel Series was the second team to advance in the next round, dropping Neolution and Mineski in the consolation brackets. On the other group, it was Pacific Emaxx, MSI Evo GT, Olympians and Trojan TNC. It was quite disappointing to the fans of Pacific Emaxx that they were sent to the consolation bracket by MSI Evo GT and Trojan TnC.


Class S playoffs included Dreamz Ledion SS and iZONE GIGABYTE faced each other on the winner bracket finals. It was all going to Dreamz Ledion side, forced iZONE GIGABYTE to the loser bracket finals where they faced the MSI Evo GT. The battle between iZONE and MSI were as imba as expected and iZONE once again advanced to the finals facing Dreamz who was eager to get the championship. Finally, Dreamz Ledion Steel Series was crowned as champions of the last leg of GMPGL.

Champion: Dreamz Ledion Steel Series

1st runner up: iZONE GIGABYTE
2nd runner up: MSI Evo GT
3rd runner up: Trojan TnC
5th place: Mineski Power Color
6th place: Neolution PH
7th place and 8th place: Olympians and Pacific Emaxx


In the Class A bracket, it was really surprising that Pacific Palit being third and didn't reach the finals, and the finals was ended with the crowned champions team Peralta facing the 1st runner up team Apple Park.

Champion: Peralta
1st runner up: Apple Park
2nd runner up: Pacific Palit


Last but not least was all about girls battling it out to prove that they can also be contenders in DotA. The Class G playoffs was between team Aphrodites vs Pacific LAW and PMSki vs Pacific iChill, and surprisingly Aphrodites beat Pacific LAW and advancing to the finals where they faced Pacific iChill, which was the champion of the Class G after that.

Champion: Pacific iChill
1st runner up: Aphrodites
2nd and 3rd runner up: PMSki and Pacific LAW


Now, all is left is the upcoming Pinoy Gaming Festival where the top 6 teams from GMPGL Class S will be automatically included in the playoffs basing their points. List of the teams will be announced in the upcoming days so stay updated!


RGN also brings you an interview with LA from Dreamz Ledion Steel Series, the champion of the last season of GMPGL in 2012!

RGN: What is your role in the team and why did you choose that role?

LA: Semi Carry, because Julz is much stronger in sidelane, he is better to be our utility. So I chose to be the role that can farm most of the time.


RGN: What will be your preparation in the upcoming PGF?

LA: Of course we need to practice harder with some new heroes. All of us want to be champion there. We don't lax because we are the number 1 in raking. It doesn't matter if we are the number 1 there.


RGN: Who inspires you the most?

LA: My girlfriend, and also my teammates.


RGN: What can you say to your teammates?

LA: To my teammates, comes on, let’s practice hard! Please avoid fighting when we are in difficult situation, We need to be the champion here, Let's RAK it >:) *Laughs*


RGN: What can you say to your fans?

LA: Thank you for supporting our team, we will not be here if you are not there for us. Thanks again.

RGN: What do we expect from you and to the whole Dreamz?

LA: Expect the unexpected. We will practice hard for us to be better and stronger. We will try to use different heroes also. 



I would like to greet Sir Wilson and Jason of Ledion, to all the staffs. To Jomz, also to my teammates, Yosh, Julz, Owey and Patty. To Joycing, who is pregnant right now, hello to team iZONE, NeoEs, Olympians. Hello to Meeco Depositor. To our manager Big Dog J, I love you too, my Baby <3




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