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Flash E-Sports won GEST DotA 2 Rising Star Qualifier

Ronnel on 2012-10-05

It was a battle between Gizmo, Xplicit, 1stVN, Space Monkeys, Flash.E-Sports and Pacific Emaxx that concluded the GEST DotA 2 Rising Star Qualifier. After their recent lost in the Alienware Game Victorious Tournament, their victory in this qualifier was considered as a comeback for the team.

Flash E-Sports fell into the Loser’s Bracket when Gizmo defeated them. The semi final was intense as Flash drew some payback and defeated Gizmo. In the grand finals it was a battle between Flash and Space Monkey. It was a shocker as Flash E-Sports defeated Space Monkey in an exciting 2-0 series. Now the rising team officially joins the GEST DotA 2 pit. They will be competing together with the other teams for the whopping $15,000.


Game 1


Game 2

We were able to catch Jeremy Teo, the captain of Flash E-Sports DotA squad, for a short interview.

RGN: First of all congratulations, so how is the team doing?

Jeremy: The team is doing great, we’ve been fooling around in public games and training a little. On the whole, it’s progressive.


Flash.DOTA 2

RGN: So how does your team prepare for the main tournament?

Jeremy: We just draft against stronger teams and some friends.


RGN: In the invited teams, whom do you consider as the most threat?

Jeremy: Definitely Orange from Malaysia.


RGN: What should we expect from the team in the main tournament?

Jeremy: Probably some upsets?


RGN: Do you have any shoutout?

Jeremy: Shoutout to our sponsors CoolerMaster CM Storm and friends!

You can check out all the VODs here. Stay tune as we bring you more update in the GEST DotA 2.

[Source: DOTA Talk]


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