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IEM Shanghai - SEA AUS/NZ Qualifiers!

Avarice on 2013-07-01

All you need to know about IEM Shanghai's SEA/AUS/NZ Qualifiers!



Season 8 of the Intel Extreme Masters will begin from July25-28 at Shanghai, China, and will feature the best the world has to offer in the realm of Starcraft2, vying for victory in this prestigious event. Players will compete in the two stages of the qualifiers to earn a chance to travel to Shanghai to compete for the event. If you think you have what it takes, We've got some information for you below!

Be aware that you cannot compete in the qualifiers if you are not located in South East Asia or Australia - New Zealand during the first and second stages. You must also by 16 years old by the 24th of July, 2013, and also have a valid visa to enter China with. Should you win, your hotel and flight costs will be covered in full by ESL.







Stage 1 Cup #1 : July 5 2013 18:00 HKT
Stage 1 Cup #2 : July 6 2013 14:00 HKT
Stage 2 : July 7 2013 16:00 HKT


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