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RGN League Playweek 5: Day 1 recap

Hamodi on 2013-06-29

PLAY WEEK 5: Day 1 Recap



Day 1 of play week 5 featured PHILIPPINESAMD.Mineski who is desperately in need of a win but unfortunately this week was not an easy match for them, as they had to face the Chinese juggernauts CHINATongFu. And SINGAPOREZenith, who had lost two consecutive matches after having a 2-0 start, are looking to get back on track with a win again CHINARattlesnake.




PHILIPPINESAMD.Mineski decided to switch roles with PHILIPPINESJay and PHILIPPINESOwa taking the support roles. But unfortunately the game quickly went out of control for them, their decision to contest CHINATongFu's tri-lane backfired. Instead of holding or limiting Alchemist's farm, they just ended up giving him more gold with constant kills coming their way. The only positive thing going for PHILIPPINESAMD.Mineski is that their solo lanes are doing much better, Dark Seer was able to get an early Mekansm and Outworld Destroyer got an early force staff that really helped them during team fights and kept them into the game. But still, with the great start that CHINATongFu had, their item progression was much greater and it was basically the story of the game.






CHINARattlesnake got their hands once again on a Doom, a hero who they love to pick every single time and it seemed like no team is making a respect ban out of it despite bringing CHINARattlesnake to numerous victories.

The game started out slightly in favor of SINGAPOREZenith, winning the tri-lane and getting decent farms on their solo laners. But as the game progressed, CHINARattlesnake would slowly win team fights after team fights that really made SINGAPOREZenith eager to get return kills that forced them to do unnecesarry plays that cost them a little bit more of deaths. CHINARattlesnake got a lot of easy pickoffs that delayed SINGAPOREZenith's farm, specially on the Anti-Mage.

CHINARattlesnake's team fight potential would later on come into play and the item difference was just too much for Zenith to handle. They refused to give up despite losing almost all of their barracks but they later on tapped out after forcing a team fight near the Roshan pit and badly losing it.





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