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AIMAG: Which eSports nation will take Gold?

RGN on 2013-06-29

AIMAG: Which eSports nation will take Gold?



The first round of matches has kicked off for 5 games with FIFA13, League of Legends, StarcarftII, Special Force and Tekken Tag 2. Only 13 Asian nations have been represented in the eSports category for the 4th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games with notably countries missing like Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and the list goes on. 


The League of Legends category looks to be the most competitive with the likes of CHINA China, KOREA (R. OF) Korea, VIET NAM Vietnam and Chinese Taipei competing for Gold. Korea's dominance in StarcarftII will probably will challenged strongly by Chinese Taipei. 


The most participated game, FIFA13 has 10 countries and 14 players battling out for Gold with 2 Vietnamese players VIET NAMTruong Duc Hieu and VIET NAMTo Trung Hieu looking to be favorites to bag Gold.



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