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PLAYWEEK 5 MATCH PREVIEW: NeoES.Orange vs Neolution.Int

Hamodi on 2013-06-28

MATCH PREVIEW: NeoES.Orange vs Neolution.Int



After four play weeks MALAYSIANeoEs.Orange remains the only undefeated team in the league, defeating the likes of CHINATongFu, PHILIPPINESMineski, MALAYSIAInvasion.MUFC and earning a default win against SINGAPOREZenith. They were recently defeated by CHINATongFu 1-3 in the Dota 2 Super League and will be fighting for third place against While for SINGAPORENeolution.Int, they are still experimenting with different heroes and lineups but unfortunately it is not working out for them. They recently completed their all Singaporean roster and if they don't sync as a team, they will be burried further into the rankings and it will become harder and harder for them to catch up on the rest of the teams.



RGN DOTA 2 League - Elite Play Week 5

30th June 2013, 8:00PM (GMT+8, Singapore Time)

Live Broadcast:

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