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PLAYWEEK 5 MATCH PREVIEW: First Departure vs MiTH.Trust

Hamodi on 2013-06-28

MATCH PREVIEW: First Departure vs MiTH.Trust



SINGAPOREFirst Departure came into play week 4 in good shape and walked away with their first win in the league, after losing their first three matches against MALAYSIAInvasion.MUFC, SINGAPOREZenith and CHINARattlesnake. They are currently tied in third place with SINGAPORENeolution.Int and their opponent for play week 5, THAILANDMiTH.Trust. THAILANDMiTH.Trust struggled in their last match, they were slowly forced into a corner by CHINARattlesnake as the game progressed. And with THAILANDLakelz being the only player to get farms was a big reason for their loss as he could not do it on his own, specially his hero was not that ideal for dealing against CHINARattlesnake's carries.


SINGAPOREFirst Departure is looking for their second straight win while for THAILANDMiTH.Trust, they are looking to get back on track after losing their last two matches. After this match, one team will be ahead while the other will be burried further into the standings. Who will come on top after the game? Le'ts all find out this weekend.



RGN Dota 2 League - Elite Play Week 5

30th June 2013, 9:30PM (GMT+8, Singapore Time)

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