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Online Finest Championship (April Edition) wrap up

Reuben Soh on 2013-05-01

Online Finest Championship (April Edition) wrap up



Another monthly episode of the Online Finest Championship has ended and taking the crown this time round is Team Bryan Tan. After an exciting finale on the 30th of April at map City Cat, underdogs Team Bryan Tan (judging from the reception of the Sudden Attack post regarding predicting the winner contest) overcame a resilient teamNKM to take home a slew of in-game prizes which included the Trench Set and a 30 day lease on items like the snowball grenade.



Drawing on Smilex in the dying moments of the round after successfully planting the bomb, sharpshooter AXHacks earned his team the Champion Certificate (awarded to the top 2 teams of the month) as sponsored by Asiasoft, and condemned the tight-knitted ensemble of teamNKM to the Bikini Girl Set and a 14 days lease on items ranging from the G400 G.Bear to Tiger Sprite. A consolation that team leader CrAzyBaByy amusingly admits post-game was more appealing than the 1st prize swag. The top two teams have now been penned in to play the top two finishers for the month of May.  


The monthly contest which began on the 12th of April, 2013, saw 32 teams converge in an online tournament that saw participation from all across South East Asia. Both finalists didn’t have it easy though Team Bryan Tan probably had the tougher of draws, having to oust high flyers [L]isted and Survivor|Gaming en route to the finals. TeamNKM though had to beat back Team ACE in a series of tense firefights in and around Old Town in the semi finals after handing #Santa’ClauZe their ticket out of the tournament in the quarter finals at Ocean Station.


With the May Edition looming, the beaten have little time to lick their wounds. For more information on the May Edition of the Online Finest Championship, head on over to the Sudden Attack Facebook page at 


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