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Starcraft2: Meet Singapore's Terran, Bryan 'DrakE' Sum

RGN on 2013-04-29

Starcraft2: Meet Singapore's Terran, Bryan 'DrakE' Sum



Flash eSports sat down with their own StarcarftII player, SINGAPOREDrakeE for a long interview to find out about his life, his eSports career and his future. He reveals about how he started playing Starcraft and how he decided to play competitively and how he balances his life and eSports.


DrakE vs Life (Literally StarTale Life)

Question: If you could play a five set match with any pro-player, who would it be and why?

Answer: If given a chance, I would like to face up against Startale’s Life. He’s extremely good at exploiting weaknesses with his aggression and I would like the chance to play against a Zerg player who can use widow mines against a Terran opponent.


Leaving us with a few final thoughts, DrakE has three important tips for anyone to improve StarCraft 2 skill:

  1. Watch professional streams and replays for ideas on play styles, builds and execution.
  2. Do not be frustrated after losing games. Try to calm down and learn from your mistakes as much as possible.
  3. Get coaching from him (Just Kidding)


SINGAPOREDrakE also shared his insights into the StarCraftII SEA Vengeance Cup and up-coming tournaments he plans to take part in. For the full interview please visit Flash eSports website. 


Source: Flash eSports


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