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RGN on 2013-04-29



Culminates in Delhi from 27 April


New Delhi, 27th April 2013 – NODWIN Gaming announces The Best of The Best – Fighting Games Championship 2013. The Best of The Best is part of a series of esport championships in India to find the best esports Gamers from India. The first series focuses on the hugely popular games of Tekken and Street Fighter.


The two-day invitational only championship commences on 27th April, 2013 in Delhi at The Underdoggs Sports bar & Grill (Ambience Mall in Gurgoan).This Series is an indigenous effort to bring the top 8 players of India to compete with each other and then finally move on to represent India on the international scene at the world championships in Las Vegas, USA and Paris, France.



The Best of The Best will also feature Championships in other popular esport disciplines such as FIFA, DOTA 2, Counter Strike: GO, Starcraft 2, HoN, League of Legends (LoL)


Speaking on the occasion, Akshat Rathee, Chief Gaming Officer at NODWIN Gaming, said, “We are very happy and excited to host this championship in Delhi. There are so many tournaments being organized outside India and till now these opportunities were not available to gamers in India. Gaming as a career in India is nascent but building up steam. Internationally, esports is extremely big and it is time that Indians take their rightful place on the global stage.


India’s games market enjoyed has never consolidated across the verticals of Hardware, Software, Content, Outsourcing, Development and Animation. Further, ancillary support industries such as broadband were also not considered part of the traditional gaming market. However with the launch of initiatives such as Airtel’s offer with Microsoft Kinect, that is changing extremely quickly. The consolidated gaming market across all verticals is closer to 2.5 Billion USD ( 12,500 Crores) in India, said Rathee.”

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