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Flash eSports new Dota 2 squad: Flash.D2

RGN on 2013-04-28

Flash eSports new Dota 2 squad: Flash.D2



Singapore's Flash eSports has announced their new Dota 2 team and line up, Flash.D2. The team comprises of several veterans Dota players from Singapore including ex-Zenith player, Bouncy who will be leading this new Flash eSports Dota 2 revolution together with the other Singaporean players.


SINGAPOREFlash.D2 Captain, Bouncy expressed his excitement about leading the squad.

"I am very excited to get together with the current new line-up. We had lots of fun both in and outside gaming. Our team is relatively new, so lots of training will be needed, but I'm sure with the positive attitude of the team, we'll improve fast and hopefully get to higher level teams such as Zenith, Orange etc.

We will work hard for the opportunities to travel overseas, participating in consistent training sessions as well as arming ourselves with a full arsenal of gears such as CM Storm's to compete with the best. Lastly, I would like to thank Flash for their support and efforts in sponsoring a new team like us."


SINGAPOREFlash.D2 team line-up:

  • Zhi Ren 'Bouncy' Lin (Captain)
  • Jeng Yih 'NutZ' Wong
  • Wei Han 'MrKio' Su
  • Alan 'Alanter' Ter
  • Kiat En 'Fisher' Chua

For more information on Flash eSports, visit their official website at

Source: Flash eSports


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