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G-1 Final 6 Remain

Nic on 2013-04-26

G-1 Final 6 Remain



After a week of connection issues, the G-1 West Qualifiers finally got into rhythm and successfully completed 2 days of competition. The remaining teams vying for that trip to China to compete in the LAN Finals include USAEvil Geniuses, EUROPEFnatic.EU, SWEEDENThe Alliance, and UKRAINENa’Vi from the Winners' Bracket, while the USATeam Liquid and USADignitas await in the Losers' Bracket.


The G-1 Champions league so far continued to amaze viewers as they took in what the NA/EU talents had to offer. Evidently, the Western scene was more balanced in terms of the top-tier teams as compared to the Asian scene with tier-1 teams such as UKRAINENa’Vi and USATeam Liquid suffering defeats at the hands of lower ranked teams USAEG and USADignitas respectively.



More is expected in the days to come as G-1 will feature UKRAINENa’Vi vs. SWEEDENAlliance as both teams battle it out for a spot in the Winners' Bracket Final. USAEG vs. EUROPEFnatic.EU will fight it out for the other spot in the Winners' Bracket Final, while the losers will drop to face USATeam Liquid and USADignitas in the Losers' Brackets.


2 of these 6 teams will by flying to China and compete against Asia’s best, including CHINAInvictus Gaming, CHINADK, MALAYSIANeoES.Orange and CHINALGD.China. All teams in the LAN Finals are assured of at least USD$1,600 in cash while the top 4 teams will win the following cash prizes:


1st: USSD$40,200

2nd: USD$12,900

3rd: USD$4,800

4th: USd$3,200


Can UKRAINENa’Vi beat SWEEDENAlliance to take one step closer towards their dream? Or will EUROPEFnatic.EU continue their winning streak and book their flight to China? Will the American teams have their say and upset the European powerhouses? All of these questions will be answered in the days to come, so be sure to stay with us at for more updates.

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