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TECHLABS announces Open Cups

Ronnel on 2013-04-25

TECHLABS announces Open Cups



TECHLABS Cups has announced that they will be hosting an online cup for 128 teams. The cup will be played on May 4th to 5th. Registration for the cup will be open to everyone.


The winner of the tournament will be awarded a slot in the upcoming TECHLAB Cup finals which will be held on May 18th at Minsk. In Minsk, they will play ESC Gaming for the whopping first prize bounty of $3,500, while the loser takes home $1,500. The road to Minsk will not be an easy journey for everyone.


In addition, the winner will also secure a slot at the annual finals which is set to play out later this year. Ninjas in Pyjamas have already qualified for the grand finals.


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Teams can sign up for the open qualifier at the registration link below.

Registration link: 


The cup will also feature other games like DOTA 2, Shadow Company, World of Tanks and StarCraft 2. They will all be played on Belarusian capital with a combined prize pool of $25,000.


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