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LGD Having A Show Match Between Their Two Dota 2 Teams

SkyRaker on 2013-04-13

LGD Having A Show Match Between Their Two Dota 2 Teams



Both LGD teams, and, will be competing in a showcase match this coming Sunday, 14 April at 1400 CEST (2000 SGT). It will be a three-game event, featuring non-standard games in a reverse Captains Mode and an all-Pudge only mid game.


Game 1 – Reverse Captains mode
Game 2 – All Pudge, only mid
Game 3 – Reverse Captains mode


Reverse CM mode is basically a game where you pick for your opponents. All Pudge, only mid is a five-versus-five game and the most interesting thing is that all 10 of the players will be playing Pudge hence we will be seeing a lot of those hooks flying about the map.


The games will be casted by LGD’s International channel (Ayesee) and their Chinese channel ( player Bin ‘DD’ Xie). There will also be an English stream which will be by the one and only joinDOTA Tobiwan.


Source LGD Facebook page


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  1. gravatar

    Would be good to see more Reverse CM mode in future competitions.

  2. gravatar

    lol its really mind boggling

  3. gravatar

    more power to those 2 LGD teams :)

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