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The final 16 teams of Raidcall EMS One unveiled

Nic on 2013-03-15

The final 16 teams of Raidcall EMS One unveiled




SWEEDENNoTidehunter once again dominated the Raidcall EMS One Cup #4 last night. The win gave Loda and gang a total of 350 points for the tournament, making them the only team who were able to surpass the 300 mark on the scoreboard.


Far behind SWEEDENnTH is runner-up RUSSIAVirtus.Pro with 225 points followed by UKRAINENa’Vi, euroFnatic and RUSSIATeam Empire. The points system determines which teams will advance to the group stages that is schedule to be held from 18 – 26 March.


The top two teams from each group will be invited to the offline finals that are scheduled 20-21 April. The top 12 teams representing Europe have already been determined and they are SWEEDENNoTidehunter, RUSSIAVirtus.Pro, UKRAINENa’Vi, euroFnatic, RUSSIATeam Empire, euroKaipi, FRANCEdd.dota, GERMANY (F.R. OF)mousesports, RUSSIARoX.KIS, DENMARKaL, euroRat in the Dark, and SWEEDENTCM Gaming. These 12 teams will be joined by North American teams USAFnatic.NA, USATeam Liquid, USAInfinity black gaming, and USAEosin+4 in the group stages.


The total prize pool for this tournament is a whopping $156,000. With the current Western scene without a stand-out team, anything can happen at RaidCall ESL One, so be sure to stay tuned for the group stages with coverage provided to you by Rapture Gaming Network.


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