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Brunei Sunday Cup Series 2013

Ronnel on 2013-03-15

Brunei Sunday Cup Series 2013



With the SEA competitive scene shifting into DOTA 2, Brunei is making their own mark with a new initiative – the Brunei Sunday Cup Series 2013. To raise the level of competition in the Brunei DOTA 2 scene, the Sunday Cup Series 2013 aims to promote the game within the country and increase competition between aspiring amateur and professional teams. As such, the event will be open to Bruneian teams only.


Modest prizes will be awarded to the top three teams of the playoffs but in order to qualify for the playoffs, a points system will be implemented in the Sunday Cup Series where all teams from the weekly tournament will gain points for participation and placing. The point scores will be tallied monthly and the top four teams will enter the playoffs (the actual schedule will be released at a later date).


The playoffs will feature a best-of-one double elimination bracket. However, during the Grand Final, the winner’s bracket finalist will have a one-game advantage over the loser’s bracket finalist.


Points will be awarded based on the team’s placing:

1 - 25 points

2 - 18 points

3 - 15 points

4 - 12 points

5 - 10 points

6 - 8 points

7 - 6 points

8 - 4 points


Prize Distribution

Champion / USD 20 x 5 Steam Wallet

2nd Place  / USD 15 x 5 Steam Wallet

3rd Place  / USD 10 x 5 Steam Wallet


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