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A look at The Defense 3

Warturtle on 2013-03-15

A look at The Defense 3



Although The Defense Season 3 will conclude at the end of the month,  this season has already provided us with a lot of action from top Western teams such as USATeam Liquid and RUSSIAVirtus Pro. RUSSIAVirtus Pro has already secured a slot for the Grand Finals by defeating USADignitas in the Upper Bracket Finals, thus handing USADignitas their first defeat after a successful run in the tournament.

However, they still have a chance to get their revenge if they manage to defeat euroFnatic in the Lower Bracket Finals which is scheduled for 20 March 2013 at 21 CET. euroFnatic, though, will not go down without a fight, having eliminated the likes of UKRAINENa’Vi, SWEEDENNoTidehunter and SWEEDEN4FC from the tournament after their initial loss to USAEG.

After being defeated by euroFnatic, USATeam Liquid have secured fourth place in The Defense 3 while the third position will be determined by the match between euroFnatic and USADignitas on 20 March.

Prize Pool :

1st place  $10,000
2nd place $5,000
3rd place  $3,500
4th place  $1,500

Current Team Standings:

1st place TBD
2nd place TBD
3rd place  TBD
4th place  USATeam Liquid


The Defense Site:



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