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GEST August: Congratulation Gigabyte.iZone! Cursed no more!

Nico on 2012-08-21

For Kel and the gang of iZone, winning a crown in the prestigious Southeast Asia GEST is like solving a Rubik’s cube. Placing 2nd and 3rd was always the outcome of the group in each and every leg of GEST.


This August edition of the tournament came in different for iZone who just broke the seal and finally catch the elusive GEST Crown. Early in the group stage, the team showed poised that they would be back in the hunt for the championship as they went forward with a 3-1 winning slate.


Leading the pack, iZone already qualified one step ahead in the quarters where they met ShenGG and Invasion Red. Beating the Malaysian veterans made iZone advanced in the semis where we saw Thailand vs. Philippines for the GEST August, with Mineski, and iZone on the PH side, and iDeal.Gigabyte and Hurt Me Not for Thai united.


Showing their consistency when they beat Hurt Me Not and faced iDeal.Gigabyte in the finals to give the fans a internal war with Gigabyte vs Gigabyte sponsored match in a Gigabyte sponsored tournament. Both teams unleashed their hunger for the crown as they went on to win a single match apiece.


With the crown a win away, both teams were eager to prove themselves as the best candidate for the champion title. For iDeal.Gigabyte, it was the August tournament is not all about the Filipino’ teams anymore, and for iZone, to prove that they are not the choker that they used to be in the past GEST and that they would do it right this time. In the end, it was iZone.Gigabyte breaking their runner up curse to embrace their own GEST Championship for the month of August.


Congratulations to iZone.Gigabyte for winning the august leg of GEST


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