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Interview with Rara from FEU, the defending champion of NCCL before PGF

Ronnel Pangyarihan on 2012-10-26

As the biggest eSports event in the Philippines, the Pinoy Gaming Festival, draws the near. The competition on the National Cyber Collegiate League, abbreviated as NCCL, gets more intense.


After months of exciting legs, everything has been concluded. The level of competition totally increases as the teams prepare for the grand finals. The honor and pride of their colleges are on the line as they compete. Last year, FEU was able to overcome the mighty TIP, to become the team was crowned as the NCCL champions.


For the second time around, you are going to see team FEU in the grand finals as they were able to survive the pit of the qualifiers. Rara and his mates will try to snatch another victory this season. We were able to catch Hiroshi “Rara” Iimura, captain of team FEU, for a short interview and here’s how it went.

RGN: What are your preparations for the upcoming grand finals?

Rara: We’re just practicing individually. We haven’t practiced as a team because most of us have classes and it’s our finals.


RGN: You’re crowned and named as “Hari ng Morayta” (Kings of Morayta). Do you have any thoughts about it?

Rara: HAHAHAHA! No comment. :P


RGN: Will you make an adjustment because the official map for all the games in PGF is 6.75? Do you think you will find yourselves having a hard time?

Rara: Yeah. I think we will have a hard time because we are not used in playing 6.75. I think we’re going to make a lot of adjustments.


RGN: As a team, what are you trying to improve at the moment?

Rara: Hmm, I think it’s our plays and calls because sometimes everyone calls for command and we’re confuse on what we should do.


RGN: What team do you consider as a threat for you?

Rara: HAHAH! I think MOOSEGEAR, because my friend, RONN PEREZ, is there. But for the other teams, I think we are the threat for them. HAHAHA! Joke.


RGN: What should we expect from your team in the grand finals?

Rara: Expect that we will do everything to become the champions again.


RGN: Do you think you can bring home the championship again?

Rara: YHUUUP! :’) Just trust us!


RGN: Do you have any message to your fans, supporters and friends?

Rara: To all our supporters in FEU, come to PGF. It will be held on SMX MOA on October 27-28 and shoutout to all my team mates, Sweetopia gang Dyef.Max.Touch.Jangee.Akide :D <3


RGN: Do you have any message to your opponents?

Rara: Be ready for us because we will not let you win easily. We will give EVERYTHING to become the champions again. =) GOODLUCK TO ALL!


Expect intense collegiate DotA actions hitting the Pinoy Gaming Festival. We are going to see comebacks and new faces. Unfinished businesses will be settled. Who do you think will stand out? Who do you think will be the NCCL Season 2 Champions? 


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