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GMPGL Season 4 Grand Finals

Ronnel on 2012-10-20

Finally, the Gigabyte Mineski Pro Gaming League Season will reach its end. The finals will be held on Pinoy Gaming Festival which will be happening on October 27-28 at the SMX Convention Center Hall 3. This time, the whopping PHP 50,000 is up for grabs.


The top 6 Luzon DotA teams and the champions of other region legs are going to brawl to find out who is the best DotA team in our country. The teams are seeded into two groups. Group A will made up of Pacific Emaxx, Mineski, SGaming and Peralta while Group B will be IZone125 GIGABYTE, Sweetopia and Noty. 


GMPGL champions such as Dreamz (Luzon 1st), KNE (Mindanao 1st), MSI Evolution Gaming Team (Luzon 2nd) and Loseless (Visayas 1st) will be having an advantage over the others. They will automatically be seeded in the first round of the playoffs while the other teams have to battle it out at the groupstage. Top 2 teams at each group will advance into the playoffs.


The overall champion will get PHP50,000 plus a FREE TRIP TO MALAYSIA to compete for SMM. We’d better expect intense DotA actions on our way, as the stakes are high this time.One of the most talked about issues is teams’ rosters. This is totally a battle for supremacy, honor and pride. Who do you think will stand out?


To get tickets, visit here. Stay tuned on RGN to update the latest information of PGF 2012!


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