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RGN Elite Match Day 1 Predictions

The fifth official on 2013-07-04

RGN Elite Match Day 1 Predictions



The Long-awaited RGN FIFA Elite League is finally upon us. Match Day 1 kicks off this Saturday at 3pm Singapore time. Here’s a brief match-by-match preview of the first round of fixtures.



Flash.El Rey v MiTH.KirosZ


El Rey from Flash eSports takes on MiTH’s  KirosZ. The match will be El Rey’s first competitive game in a regional championship, and it won’t be easy for the newcomer. KirosZ represented Thailand at the 2010 WCG Asian Championship, and now plays for one of the biggest eSports teams in the region.


KirosZ however should approach this game with caution; El Rey defied by his youth and inexperience last season when he stormed to 3 FIFA cup wins, as well as a bronze medal at WCG SG, is no easy opponent. Singapore will be watching to see if El Rey can make the step up to the next level.


Prediction: Draw



Zarate v proA.Hakumenfox


Free agent Zarate hosts WCG VN's 2012 champion, Hakumenfox. Singapore's 2-time WCG silver medalist has been laying low since his run at the FUT Asia all-stars in March, and Hakumenfox will be hoping to steal an easy win against an out of form Zarate.


Prediction: Hakumenfox victory



Flash.hibidi v TH.Nonii9


A clash of styles awaits us in the second Singapore v Thailand fixture of Match Day 1. hibidi's possession-based attack will meet nonii9's gung ho approach.


Nonii9 is a newcomer to the FIFA scene, and earned his invitation to the league by winning the Thai playoffs. Like El Rey, it will be interesting to see how quickly he adapts to playing against one of Southeast Asia's most seasoned veterans.


Prediction: hibidi victory.



leOmeS v eMaster.Vin


This is the pick of the bunch. Malaysia's top two players go head to head in week 1. leOmeS is well-known for his outstanding attack; Vin for his watertight defence - just your typical unstoppable force versus immovable object matchup.


Fresh off a strong showing at the Asian Indoor Games in Korea, Vin will head into this game in hot form against leOmeS. Expect a close contest, but look to Vin to just knick this one.


Prediction: Vin victory



si_jali v 3H|KunKun


Spotgamers owner si_jali qualified for the league by virtue of winning the Malaysian playoffs against quality opposition like Warrior, Alex and Arroyos; effectively quashing the notion that he is over the hill. He faces KunKun from the newly re-formed 3H team.


Jali averages close to 55% possession in head to head seasons, and will hope to frustrate KunKun with his possession play. The Vietnamese will need to stay disciplined in defence and break quickly to score against the 2-time WCG Asian champion.


Prediction: si_jali victory




Do you agree with the fifth official’s predictions? Let us know in the comments section below! For more on the FIFA Elite League visit the competition page at


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