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LGD.Int forfeits two Alienware Cup matches

ZOMGSHOX on 2013-06-16



"Let us start with a bang!", they said. In this case, there was a misfire. Just a few hours till the games begin, forfeits 2 of their matches in the Alienware Cup

Sources say that the team had an important appointment that was mentioned only two days before the first match. Even so, rules are rules and penalties will be dropped upon the said team:

1. Receive 14 penalty points for two match losses (7 points each), in accordance to the rules.

2. Forfeit 20% of their prize. This will be redistributed to the top three teams (other than with a 50% - 30% - 20% split.

Fans need not worry as will still be able to play in the tournament. 

For more information, head on the Alienware Cup Facebook Page.

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(Written by: ZOMGSHOX)


Source: Alienware Cup Facebook Page


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