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THIS IS SPARTA! - Dotabeyond announces they new team, Spartans

ZOMGSHOX on 2013-06-15

As they said, "The more, the merrier". Just like the 300 spartans, it's 5 against thousands. 

Dotabeyond seeks to dominate SEA by annoucing their new team, PHILIPPINES Spartans.



It has always been our vision here at DotaBeyond to help nurture the Dota 2 community in South-East Asia, to build this region into the E-Sports frontier for the world. And with that dream, we also remember the importance of discovering new talent and keeping the dreams of these players alive. Therefore, DotaBeyond is proud to announce our very own team.

Although not new to the scene, these players have shown us incredible humility and talent that we believe once nurtured can be multiplied exponentially. Some may know them as former TNC Gaming players, some may know them as the cheeky ‘Sponsor Us Please’, some may even know them for their classic ‘FullTilt’. But now, they will be henceforth known as the ‘DotaBeyond Spartans’. 

- Official statement from Dotabeyond Facebook Page


Here's the current roster:

  • PHILIPPINES VonKristoffer ‘BonjourLei’ Udarbe (Team Captain)
  • PHILIPPINES Adrian ‘Tushey’ Edelo
  • PHILIPPINES Lloyd ‘LA’ Alfre Bolos
  • PHILIPPINES Ace ‘acelito’ Baksal
  • PHILIPPINES Aeron Patrick ‘eron’ Sta. An
  •  Jake ‘June’ Toh (Team Manager)


Nice to see more teams coming up with sponsored tags on them, yeah? Well, that's one good to look at but more importantly is how long can teams last. Teams disbanding does not just ruin the reputation of a team but also degenerates morale in the community. 

Let us all see if the Spartans can really show what being a Spartan is all about. 

For more news, stay tuned to RGN!


(Written by: ZOMGSHOX)

Source: Dotabeyond Facebook Page


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